Prasa Shady Payments – DA Vows To Bring To Account The R80 Million Paid To Zuma’s Darlings


Most South Africans weren’t surprised when the news related that investigations into the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa), uncovered shady payments amounting to about R80 million which were made to an Angolan businesswoman, and some lawyer who are in some way, related to the president.

As hinted, the Angolan businesswoman is a close friend of honorable President Zuma and the controversial lawyer, a business partner of one of Mr President’s son.

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Reacting to the latest insinuation of a massive corruption in South Africa, the DA has called on Hawks to broaden the horizon of its investigation into the R80 million paid to the Zuma darlings.

Speaking, the DA Shadow Minister of Transport Manny de Freitas vowed that the opposition party will always strive to hold accountable corrupt officials with dubious characters who use taxpayers as their personal “piggybank”.

We “will strive to bring to account for the R80m of tax-payers money paid to Gomes’ company, Similex, for activities not related to Prasa… (The DA Will) continue to hold accountable corrupt officials in state-owned enterprises that use taxpayers as if it were their personal piggybank,” De Freitas stated.

The Shadow Minister further disclosed that he’ll be demanding of Popo Molefe – the chairperson of Prasa – to immediately present the findings of Prasa Board’s internal inquiry into the Prasa corruption saga as stipulated in 3rd of September last year.

De Freitas related that the DA “will also be summoning the Prasa Board to gather whether they have reported any of their findings to National Treasury and the auditor general – as per the public protector’s remedial recommendations.”

The covert suggestion of this incident described as “massive corruption” started when the Rapport’s lead story on Sunday, publicized that a friend of Zuma, and a business associate of Zuma’s son received some pay that are dishonorable.

According to the Rapport story, those investigating the Prasa’s controversial R3.5 billion contract for new locomotives are probing some suspicious payments made by a contractor who’s the managing director of Swifambo Rail Leasing.

As narrated, the company of a Maria da Cruz Gomes, an Angolan businesswoman who our President regularly honors with his presence at her luxurious home, received payments amounting to about R40 million from Swifambo’s managing director – Auswell Mashaba.

Along with that is an allegation of Swifambo’s managing director paying almost R39 million to a law firm owned by George Sabelo who fortunately, is a business partner of our President’s eldest son.

Meanwhile, Rapport divulged that they can authenticate the claims of their story as they are in possession of documents that details how Swifambo’s managing director paid Zuma’s woman-friend and his son’s business partner the money in question.

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