Exposed! ANC Illegally Bagged R80 Million From Prasa Locomotive Contract


As though it’s not annoying the trains involved were too tall for our rail network, it’s been exposed that the ANC illegally bagged R80 million from the Prasa locomotive contract.

This is according to the claims made by Chairperson Popo Molefe in court papers.

As culled from the court papers, Molefe alleged that the suppliers of the Spanish-built controversial trains, paid R80 million to entities that weren’t creditors of the company.

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That Molefe said, happened after an Angolan businesswoman insisted that ten percent of the tender’s worth be paid to the ANC.

Molefe’s affidavit BuzzSouthAfrica deduced, were in the court papers filed at the High Court in Pretoria by the Prasa today.

Reporting this, News24 quoted an excerpt from the affidavit which explained how ANC bagged the R80 million from the Prasa locomotive contract.

Molefe’s affidavit talked about a meeting he and other Prasa officials had with Auswell Mashaba – Swifambo’s managing director – after it was discovered that the trains were unfit for SA’s rail.

“Mr  Mashaba informed us that he had been in contact with a Maria Gomes (who) told (him) that she wanted money for the ‘movement’.

Ms Gomes also told him that she knew the bid to supply locomotives to Prasa was worth billions and she could not understand why ten percent of the value of the bid could not be paid to the African National Congress.

(She) was insistent that money should go to the movement,” Molefe’s affidavit related.

Ms Gomes is an Angolan businesswoman who earlier this year, acknowledge Jacob Zuma as her friend and divulged that he do visit her at her home in Sandton.

“Mr Mashaba was insistent that he did not know the identity of the beneficiaries and he was merely informed that the money would ‘benefit the movement’,” the affidavit stated further.

Thus, Mashaba made payments amounting to R80 million to Similex and a lawyer identified as George Sabelo.

While lawyer George Sabelo is a business partner of Jacob Zuma’s son, Ms Gomes happens to be the director of  Similex.

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Nonetheless, ANC responded saying they party never received any donation from Similex.

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