Zuma And The Guptas’ Strong Ally, PPF Attack Minister Pravin


The Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) has come against the finance minister, Pravin Gordhan for attacking the SA Revenue Service (Sars) and its commissioner, Tom Moyane.

Speaking on Sunday against Gordhan’s last week’s statement about the state’s revenue service and the PPF, Mzwanele (Jimmy) Manyi, of the PPF said Gordhan should respect the right of freedom of speech and right of freedom of association.

The Finance minister who expressed doubts in the stewardship of the state’s Revenue Service (SARS) under commissioner Tom Moyane, told the parliament on Thursday, that Moyane’s leadership in the revenue service should not be trusted because of the way he has handled allegations against his second-in-command, Jonas Makwakwa.

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He also criticized the PPF head of media and communications Luther Lebelo for his comments regarding rating agencies. Gordhan said Mr Lebelo, as a senior and influential manager in Sars, should not be commenting on a sensitive and serious matter such as ratings in the public domain.

According to Gordhan, Moyane has a number of failures as SARS commissioner, these include his neglect in taking immediate action on the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) information about the R1.2m in deposits made into Makwakwa’s bank accounts and the R450,000 into Elskie’s.

Gordhan also claimed the commissioner failed to report the Makwakwa matter on time to Gordhan as the minister responsible for SARS.

Reacting to this, PPF’s leader, Manyi said Gordhan “should focus on coordinating macroeconomic policy and promoting the national policy framework, not trying to sanction what Sars employees must say in their personal capacity.

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PPF’s view is that Minister Gordhan in his pandering antics to DA and white monopoly capital is interfering with the operation of Sars by indirectly instructing the management of Sars to take action against Mr Lebelo.

“PPF strongly calls on Minister Pravin to stop with immediate effect his continuous attack on Commissioner Moyane and as well as his urge to intervene in the operational activities of Sars as such conduct is in direct violation of the Sars Act as amended in 2002. If anything, the minister must focus on the ailing economy which is his chief mandate,” he said.

The PPF is headed by Mzwanele (Jimmy) Manyi, who is a strong ally of President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family.

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