Powerful And Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Ginger

Ginger is a time-honoured root of Zingiber officinale plant. Ginger originated from Asia and has been a known powerful plant in the continent. In China, it has medically helped in the digestion of food, stomach ache and nausea for over 2,000 years. In fact, ginger has been a special spice for decades and it is a major herb in Asian, Arabic and Indian medical traditions.

It is naturally thick in structure with a knotted underground stem. The stem thrusts forth above ground level. The plant also has white or yellowish-green flowers and long ribbed green leaves. Studies have shown that volatile oils and pungent phenol compounds, such as gingerols and shogaols make up ginger roots. Ginger products are made from fresh or dried ginger roots.

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Today, we have ginger tea which is produced by boiling slices of ginger roots. Others include gingerbread, ginger snaps, ginger sticks, and ginger ale. Ginger has calming and soothing properties for the internal organs due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It also gives an energetic feeling because it improves the circulatory system, allowing blood to move more freely throughout the body. It also contains a small amount of vitamin A and C, which helps in building the body.

Powerful Benefits Of Ginger 

• Did you know that ginger strengthens the immune system? Now you know.

• Ginger increases sexual drive. For real! it is an aphrodisiac plant. An aphrodisiac is any food or drink that stimulates sexual prowess.

• For pregnant women who experience nausea, especially morning sickness, taking grams of ginger helps to wage war against continuous vomiting. Not only in pregnant women, also in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

• It steps up a hormonal level, which in turn gives an edge over pains and aches of any sort, especially because of its anti inflammatory-nature. If you have asthma, try this amazing plant and you would see how powerful it is.

• Ginger is a trusted warrior against heart burns. Yes! The plant is even more economical and natural more than thousands of drugs obtained over the counter.

• It takes care of frostbite perfectly. Frostbite is an injury to body tissues caused by exposure to extreme cold. Frostbite specifically affects the nose, fingers, or toes and often leads to gangrene.

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• The plant also propels body circulation. In fact, it crushes fatigue and pains to a standstill.

• It crushes arthritic inflammation. Do not put those pills in your mouth every night, take ginger because it is naturally a unique and powerful anti-inflammatory plant.

• Ginger helps in shedding weight. Most importantly, it helps the body to absorb nutrients.

•It regulates glucose level in the body. Adding ginger to meals after the bustling and hustling of the day helps to calm every nerve down.

• If you have Alzheimer’s disease or it runs in your family, just send the disease parking by taking ginger. With this plant, you can be sure that your brain cells won’t be lost in a blink. Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys memory and thinking skills of a person, and finally the ability to carry out simplest tasks.

• It fights Ovarian cancer to a halt. If you have ovarian cancer, try and add ginger to your meals often.

• It lowers cholesterol and helps prevent blood clotting.

• It also reduces menstrual pain in women, especially within the first three days.

• Ginger leaves the breath fresh and clean if taken after a meal.

It is effective in the treatment of a cold. Instead of going for cough syrups or pills for cold go for ginger. All you need do is chew a good quantity and you will bounce back soon enough to go about your normal activities.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties,  it helps to relieve swelling and pain caused by headaches.

Do you also know that ginger can improve your skin appearance? This is all thanks to a substance that it contains called gingerol, which helps to fights free radicals that damage the skin while giving it softness and unifies its tone.

The phenolic compounds in ginger are popularly known to help relieve gastrointestinal (GI) irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production and suppress gastric contractions as food and fluids move through the GI tract.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and go grab your ginger recipes for healthy living now.

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