Say GoodBye To Poverty And Curruption Under DA’s Herman Mashaba


DA’s Herman Mashaba has promised to give the city of  Johannesburg a lasting new change, away from what the ruling ANC has made it become since its 22 years control of the city.

Mashaba, who was just elected the new mayor of the city, gave insight into what people should look out for, while speaking to news media present at the  inauguration ground.

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There, the newly elected major said he will focus on helping the private sector create jobs, ensure prudent municipal spending, fight corruption, and deliver dignity and basic services to the poor.

He said work will  begin immediately as there are a lot to do in the city.

“And we’re sitting and facing a massive challenge ahead of us. Speed is of the essence.”

Speaking on Tuesday morning, Mashaba – who also said he was overwhelmed by his election victory – told Radio 702 that although the event’s success was marred by the sudden death of ANC’s councilor, the party will remain focused on its bid to ensure a lasting change in the country’s economic hub.

“Now the big job starts” said  Mashaba who pointed out that he would focus on tackling poverty and corruption‚ the fight against which‚ he said‚ were the cornerstones of his “seven-month-campaign”.

DA's mashaba Herman Mashaba

Continuing, the new mayor Mashaba said he will work closely with the small business sector to boost employment:

“I’m committing under the DA-led administration that we’re going to bring change. We’re going to bring change that creates jobs for our people.”

“I can assure you that we’re going to run a government that will look after your money,” he continued as he pointed out that his government would also involve replacing a “cadre public service” with a “professional public service…men and women who want to serve”.

The new mayor Herman Mashaba promised to be independent and proficient. He also promised an approachable administration‚ and even told station’s John Robbie to “just call me Herman.”

He said areas like Alexandra and Zandspruit where the people had no toilets, should expect to live in a city regarded as a world-class African city. “People of Alexandra expected to live without running toilets – this is not fair,” he said.

When quizzed about how his business experience would translate into running government‚ he said that when making decisions in the former “you do not do things only for yourself”‚ and bemoaned that the previous ruling party had focused on self-enrichment.

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Corruption would be the DA’s “public enemy number one”, Herman Mashaba said. “We have to create Johannesburg to be that great city all of us want to live in.”