See What Polokwane Residents Have To Say About Development In The Town Since Democracy


In the current era where political parties are scouting for votes before the elections, some of the residents of Polokwane community disclosed to reporters that even though they are still lacking some basic services they should be entitled to, the community has recorded a lot of improvements since the beginning of democracy.

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The leaders of African National Congress (ANC) including President Jacob Zuma will be spending SA Freedom Day in Giyani tomorrow to celebrate 22 years of democracy in the country.

Among those who spoke about life in Polokwane is a forty-four-year-old street vendor Anna Matjeke who has lived her whole life in Seshego.

She is of the view that life has improved in the last 22 years in the community, with food and social amenities affordable for all.

“I can afford to pay for electricity and water; and I can buy food to eat,” she said.

Also, thirty-three-year-old Sepoki Maredi who works as a handy man at the Seshego hospital says the standard of living in the Polokwane Township is much better compared to what is obtainable in his rural hometown of Moletji.

“We don’t have internet cafes, we don’t have access to information to keep us informed about opportunities.”

Generally, most of the residents say seeing developments sprouting in some parts of Polokwane makes them see a light at the end of the tunnel. This indicates that the government is actually doing a lot to improve the conditions of the poor.

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Meanwhile, sometime in February this year, angry residents had flooded the streets in protest against the gigantic figures they see on their water bill. Reports said that some residents even owed up to R100 000.

After much investigation into the matter, the executive mayor Nkadimeng said the council decided to write off the debts believed to run into millions of rand. It is believed that this will help forestall some crisis in the township.

The news swept through the township, as residents were seen celebrating and expressing their joy.