Politics Turn Violent: DA Supporter Gets Stabbed


No doubt the Democratic Alliance is a strong opponent of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) but the political antagonism seems to be taking a new look. A DA supporter in KwaZulu-Natal claims to be physically attacked by a member of the ANC after the Freedom Day event on Wednesday.

The DA member who claimed to be blocked by the ANC supporters at the exit of Chatsworth where they per took in the freedom day event.

Provincial leader Zwakele Mncwango said he was informed of the incidence with picture photographs as proof

“I was not near the actual stabbing incident but I have photographs. I have contacted our member. He is from Lindelani. He has informed me that an ANC supporter stabbed him. He is going to open a case with the police,” he said adding that he was still gathering information on the alleged stabbing.

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According to Mncwango, a group of DA MPs‚ MPLs‚ Councillors and DA supporter had visited impoverished Welbedacht residents and were on their way out of the area when they were allegedly blocked by some ANC party supporters.

“A group of ANC supporters‚ clad in ANC T-shirts blocked us on the main road. They were singing and tried to prevent our cars from going through.

“It is shocking that we had to experience this on Freedom Day‚” he said.

DA stabbing1
A DA supporter allegedly stabbed on freedom day celebration day

Reacting to this allegation, ANC spokesman Mhlaba Memela said the party was not aware of any incident of such.

“We cannot comment because we have not been informed of the incident. There hasn’t been a case opened either. The ANC is a party that promotes peace. If it is true‚ of course‚ we will deal with it but anyone can wear an ANC t-shirt and pretend to represent the party‚” he said.

The DA, which already governs one of the country’s nine provinces, has pressed on hard on the ANC with its strong criticisms mostly geared towards the government of president Jacob Zuma.

Recently, DA’s Leader Mmusi Maimane slammed president Zuma for engaging in a wasteful expenditure. He went on to urge the presidency to personally stop a R4 billion deal for a new presidential jet.

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While delivering a Freedom Day message to residents of the Zandspruit informal settlement on the West Rand which was recently wracked by protests over a lack of service delivery‚ Maimane said corruption, which is getting increasingly high in the present government has to be stopped by first removing those who perpetrate it.

“This is nonsense‚ and we will never accept it. In Nkandla‚ the money had already been spent. It was too late to stop the corruption. Now‚ we know about the jet order before its actually happened. So we can stop it‚ and we must stop it‚” Maimane said to the residents and some DA Supporters.