Polish Chickens Expected To Hit The Shores Of SA Soon


The head of trade and investment at the Polish Embassy Andrzej Krezel, revealed on Monday this week that a deal to ship assorted Polish chickens and meat to South Africa has kicked off.

The Polish embassy confirmed that the first container of Polish chickens is expected to hit the shores of South Africa in two months time.

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The deal to import Polish chickens into SA has been on the table since 2013 and now that it has paid off, Krezel said it will see Poland export poultry meat with bones‚ mechanically de-boned meat‚ as well as offal meats to South Africa.

The chickens are going to be imported in a large scale to suit the demand in the country.

“The limit is the capacity of the market to absorb the product‚ so it is unlimited in terms of quota imposed by the government‚ but is limited by the purchasing power and the interest in the product‚” said Krezel.

Towards the end of March this year, there were speculations that some unhealthy chickens will be imported to South Africa from the United States of America which stirred tension among consumers.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the chickens were allegedly not sold in major shopping outlets across the country, but are stocked at third tier supermarkets to target low-income earners.

This was based on a Sowetan Live report where Kevin Lovell, the chief executive of South African Poultry Associations revealed that the USA chickens are being sold where poor South Africans are most likely to go shopping.

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Lovell as quoted, said: “You will find these products generally at third tier supermarkets, as they are aimed at lower-income groups.”

Shoprite stated that it would only sell small quantities of the consignment in its Western Cape stores, while Pick n Pay said they’re not selling the chickens, adding that all their chickens are produced locally.