Police Officers Are Having A #MustFall March, Who’s To “Rubber-Bullet” Them?


Not less than 50 unhappy metro police officers were singing, chanting and stamping their feet as they stormed the Durban City Hall, disrupting Democratic Alliance (DA) caucus meeting as they demanded the removal of their boss, Eugene Nzama from his position.

IOL reported that the DA “caucus meeting was stopped when about 50 officers stormed the building’s old council chamber and forced Councillors out of the room as some chanted Dubula, dubula. Dubula nges’bhamu (shoot with the gun) and shouted “Viva ANC”, “Viva Cosatu, Viva SACP” and “Viva Samwu”.

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As gathered, some of the disgruntled metro police officers were armed and the commotion they created made the ANC suspend their own caucus meeting.

South African Municipal Workers Union’s (Samwu) deputy chair-lady at the metro police related that the officers decided to take the “desperate measure” because the city manager ignored their complaints.

Among other things, the angry officers demanded the removal of the recently appointed superintendent, Siphiwe Ndlovu who’s facing harassment charges and for officers who did scholar patrols to be permanently employed.

DA Councillor, De Boer narrated how their meeting was interrupted stating that before the officers invaded the city hall, they stirred commotion outside.

“One of our Councillors went down and confirmed it was union members affiliated with metro police. They were making a noise outside. We didn’t pay much attention because there are always marches and stuff.”

Another, Zwakele Mncwango said; “they were not violent, but if someone storms a formal meeting, singing and pushing you off your seat and banging tables, you can’t continue with the meeting.”

IOL further disclosed that it was the second time city hall meetings had been disrupted this month. “A week ago, council bodyguards disrupted an executive committee meeting, demanding salary increases.”

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