Don’t Feel Safe With The Police Around, We’ve Got A Lot Of Crooked Cops Out There


SA Police say they’ve impounded one of their member serving as a court orderly in Bellville for transporting drugs to the court cells.

As related, the Western Cape Anti-Corruption Investigating Unit acted on information that the court orderly is transporting drugs to the court cells and as such, placed him under observation.

Subsequent to that, the police said; “he was seen leaving a bag next to the court building and left immediately without reporting for duty.

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The bag was searched and 50 mandrax tablets, 3 packets of tik, dagga 2 cellular telephones and 3 batteries were discovered inside. Our investigation into the circumstances of the matter led to the arrest of the 39 year old sergeant this morning in Bellville.

He has been charged with corruption and is due in Bellville court today. We are eager to root out corruption amongst our ranks and will make every endeavor to bring perpetrators to book.”

Aside that, the independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) arrested another police officer for an attempt to murder his 40 year old girlfriend in Hennenman.

IPID said the lovers had an argument, the police officer was excessively trash-talked and he pulled out his service firearm and shot at his girlfriend.

“The ambulance picked up the victim, drove to the Police station and reported the shooting to the Police who then reported it to IPID…IPID then got involved in the investigation and arrested the Suspect for Attempted Murder,” Robbie Raburabu IPID’s Acting National Spokesperson related.

Raburabu also divulged that another police officer was arrested for rape at Springs.

“It is alleged that the victim was arrested for shoplifting on Thursday 19 May 2016 and detained in the Springs police cells. The Suspect is alleged to have visited the cell of the victim and proceeded to rape her.

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The victim further alleges that she reported the rape to several police officers who then failed to help. She only managed to open the case the following day,” he added.