Add This To Your Police Crime List – A Cop Stole A Sheep


Who’s been recording the crimes perpetrated by the guys anointed to execute those laws that are to ensure South Africans are protected? Who’s counting the rapes, thieveries, briberies, murders and the whole lot of police crimes in South Africa? You sure better add this to the police crime list. A police officer has been arrested for allegedly stealing a sheep.

Earlier this year, the Independent Police Investigations Directorate (IPID) disclosed that five police officers were being investigated for rapes that were reported to the police oversight body.

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Also, two cops based at the Nyanga Police Station were arrest in connection with a house robbery in Retreat. Just as another two police officers appeared in a court in Cape Town in March for allegedly demanding money for the release of an arrested drunk driving suspect.

Thus, it’s quite obvious that police crime is thriving in South Africa. In fact, South African Police Service once warned that it’s “management is committed in fighting crime” and that their “members won’t be spared, if they are involved in any criminal activities.”

Regardless, the North West police confirmed that the 58-year-old policeman was arrested for allegedly stealing a sheep. According to police spokesperson, Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone, the policeman was arrested on Monday in Itekeng, near Biesiesvlei.

Mokgwabone related that “his arrest came after the police acted on a tip-off from the community about a stolen sheep.” The “sheep carcass was found inside the boot of the member’s vehicle after being stopped and searched,” Mokgwabone added.

The policeman was eventually, arrested after he failed to account for the carcass. And is expected to appear in Lichtenburg Magistrate’s Court today.

Meanwhile, the North West provincial commissioner Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane thanked members of the community and the police for their cooperation in fighting crime.

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