Be Warned, Pokemon Go Players In South Africa Are Easy Crime Targets


Pokemon Go players in South Africa have been warned that they’re only exposing themselves to crime.

This follows the increasing number of South Africans wandering around the country to locate and hunt down some monsters the game shows on the screen of their mobile phones.

True, the game offers an interesting experience. However, Pokemon Go players in South Africa have been warned to remember their safety is paramount while hunting the Pokemon creatures.

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Considering the crime rate of South Africa, insurance group, Dialdirect has cautioned users in South Africa that the game has the potential of making them easy  crime targets.

Already, global reports have established that Pokemon Go players are crime targets. In most cases, criminals hide in wait to attack hunters of Pokemon in various hotspots.

With that, Dialdirect pointed out that muggers are always attracted to smartphone.

Speaking, Dialdirect spokesperson, Bianca de Beer said: “we usually recommend that consumers conceal their smartphones and that they don’t unnecessarily brandish them about.

It is more sensible and safer to tuck your phone away in a bag or a deep, secure pocket and only take it when necessary. This advice becomes null and void when there are (Pokemon Hunters) on the loose.”

Nonetheless, the insurance group advised you report to your operator immediately and obtain a blacklisting reference number when your phone is stolen.

“If the phone is blacklisted, the thief will not be able to use your phone and run up your bill,” de Beer added.

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Among other things, Dialdirect urged Pokemon hunters to stop playing the game while they are driving.

“In an attempt to cover more ground more quickly,” de Beer said, “some Pokemon Go enthusiasts are taking to their cars and driving at a walking pace whilst staring at their screens.

This is obviously a recipe for disaster and a very bad idea,” de Beer cautioned.

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