Pogba Brothers To Clash For First Time In Europa League


The Pogba brothers, Florentin and Paul will have their first clash on a football pitch today and, it will be a difficult match for their mum to watch.

This is according to Florentin Pogba who will be playing for his team – St Etienne – in the first leg of their last 32 tie against Paul’s Manchester United at Old Trafford.

“It’s not going to be easy for her but at the same time what a fantastic moment it’ll be for her to see her sons playing out there. Maybe the best result for her will be a draw.

“But we’ll be going all out to get the best result for ourselves. Whoever wins she’ll be happy in some respect,” Florentin reportedly said.

Pogba twin brothers and mum
Pogba Twin Brothers Pose With Mum

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According to Florentin, today’s match will be the first time he’ll out-rightly, face his younger brother in a professional football match.

“It’s going to be a magical moment and I hope we can both enjoy it as much as we can.

“We love sport and I have beaten him quite a bit at table tennis, but they’re the only times I can think of that we’ve played against each other.

“We’ve never played against each other or even with each other before in the professional game. It is probably because of the age gap that we’ve never managed to be on the same side,” the 26-year-old St Etienne defender told BBC sports.

Earlier this month, Florentin admitted that the confrontation with his younger brother would be wired.

“It will be weird because I will be marking him in a European competition. If I have to mark him, i will mark him with the same determination as any player.”

But then, he added: “it’s incredible and rare so we are going to make the most of it.”

Commenting, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho acknowledged that the clash with St Etienne will be difficult for the Pogba brothers’ mum.

Mourinho said: “it is not difficult, it is impossible, for the lady to choose. I know from Paul that the mum wants a draw but, …one son will be happy and the other one will be sad.

“Paul is excited, Florentin for sure the same. So I think it is a good thing,” he added.

Records have it that the Pogba brothers grew up near the French capital Paris.

Florentin was born in the Guinean capital Conakry before his parents moved to France. He’s been playing for St Etienne since 2012 and, made a first appearance for his West African country – Guinea – in 2010.

Paul on the other end, is the world’s most expensive player. Last year, he joined Manchester United from Juventus for $111 million. He plays for France which was where he was birthed.

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If you aren’t aware, there’s a third Pogba brother. He’s Florentin’s twin and his name is Mathias. Mathias is also a footballer and he plays for Sparta Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Below is a picture of the Pogba brothers.

Pogba Brothers