“Please Do The Right Thing” – Malema Tells Constitutional Court


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Leader Julius Malema has called on the constitutional court to “do the right thing” while handling President Zuma’s Nkandla case. Malema marched with thousands of EFF supporters from Newtown to the constitutional court.

He said, 

“We are saying to the Constitutional Court, please do the right thing. This matter is in the interest of the nation and we must bring it to finality because people have reported about it, have spoken about it for far too long now. It has to come to an end.”

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The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) had filed an application along with the Democratic Alliance in the constitutional court. In their applications, Malema and the DA sought to know why President Zuma would decline to implement public protector Thuli’s recommendations concerning the reimbursement for his Nkandla home upgrades.

Advocate Wim Trengove, who is representing the EFF, kicked off arguments this morning at the constitutional court followed by the DA’s representative, Anton Katz.

However, Malema said that the party did not take Nkandla issues personal, but just that they wanted the president to be accountable to South Africans. “All we wanted was to get the president, the head of the executive to be accountable. That’s all we are doing. We have no problem with the man, we have a problem with everyone who is not compliant with the Constitution of the Republic of SA,” he said.


Melama, who boasted that EFF had longed for this day reiterated that they have finally fulfilled their promise. It would be recalled that EFF and the Democratic Alliance had vehemently opposed and rejected President Zuma’s belated acceptance. The two parties maintained that the case would be settled in court in order to solidify the strength of Thuli’s recommendations.

However, Malema criticized the Democratic Alliance for showing up against the matter at the dying minutes. He claimed that the DA had earlier refused to pull the president to court, but later indicated interest when it seemed EFF was winning the case.

“We have said that the president will have his day in court and many people never believed us, but today everybody wants to pretend that they have always agreed with us, including the Democratic Alliance which is now claiming victory on something they rejected much earlier,” Malema boasted.

The defiant who said that he smelt something fishy about Zuma’s belated acceptance believes that justice can be obtained in the constitutional court. Some members of opposition parties were seen outside the court chanting “Zuma Must Fall”

Zuma for months denied that Thuli’s recommendations were binding. However, he sent a letter to the registrar of the court, requesting the finance minister and the auditor general to determine how much he would pay for his home upgrades. But reports said that Zuma’s lawyer has finally opened up in the court that Thuli’s recommendations were actually binding.

The 2014 report from the public protector said that Zuma had personally benefited from some of the refurbishments to his country home in Nkandla, which included a cattle enclosure, swimming pool and an amphitheatre.

Apart from Nkandla saga, Malema also seeks to address what he termed ‘thuggery of the Guptas’.

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