Even Madiba Would Agree We Need A New ANC, PJ Powers Bewails


One of South Africa’s living legends, PJ Powers blatantly shared her thoughts about the condition of the African National Congress.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral, the singer known to be politically outspoken spoke extensively on the last municipal elections.

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She emphasized that the recent municipal elections in South Africa proves that the people have had enough. Nevertheless, she also acknowledged the role played by EFF’ Julius Malema in making sure the people fight for what they believe in.

“The people have stood up and said ‘no no no’ we are not going to accept this anymore. I think that we can thank Julius Malema for driving a stake right in the middle – and I’m very sad when I say this because I’ve never voted for anyone other than the ANC – but the party that the ANC has become is something that I get very sad when I see.”

However, PJ Powers confessed that due to unforeseen circumstances, she did not vote in the municipal elections. The rescheduling of the elections came at a time when she had booked a trip to Greece.

“You know, everyone has always said to me that we are going to go the same way as Zimbabwe. We’re not. South Africa will eventually get gatvol.”

Apparently, the results of the elections proved beyond doubt that the people are rising against the ruling party. Powers acknowledged this fact, irrespective of the fact that she was unavoidably absent at the time of elections.

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“When I think of the origins. We need a new ANC. If Madiba stood up now and looked at what the party had become I think he’d agree we need a new ANC. I was pleased with the elections purely because I hope this makes the ANC realise they do need to change the structure in order to get people back on their side.”

Meanwhile, coalition talks are still pending in most of the metros.