SA Transformation Agenda: Pityana Awakens War Against Zuma


A fresh call has been made for South Africans to pick up their war tools against President Jacob Zuma. This call comes from Save South Africa campaigner Sipho Pityana who accused the President of taking the country many years back.

The call for Zuma to go seems to have died down in the wake of the new year as many activities taking place in the country has drawn people’s attention away from pointing fingers at Zuma for all ills.

However, this becomes short-lived as the AngloGold Ashanti chair resurrected the call for his immediate removal in order to save the country from its backwardness.

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Speaking at the Cape Town Press Club on Thursday, Pityana took broad swipes against Zuma’s character saying his second term has been a disservice to the nation and that dislodging him would help the country reflect and discuss extensively the quality and personality of a new leader that will be a catalyst for a new beginning in South Africa.

According to him, Zuma will always have plenty to say, but will gloss over the mistakes that have been made. He [Zuma] will ignore the rampant corruption and abuse that causes the current crisis that the country is facing and will roll out a new set of promises replete with unintelligible numbers, a lot of which he will not be able to read.

This, according to him, is the most underwhelming State of the Nation Address in democratic South African history.

“After all, it will be delivered by the worst head of the post-apartheid state and the worst President the African National Congress has ever had.

“It will be delivered by a head of state with absolutely no respect for the Constitution of his own country — a head of state who disregards the courts and institutions of his own democracy, such as Parliament and Chapter 9 institutions.

“It will be delivered by a head of state who is the commander-in-chief of state corruption and who brazenly and daringly drives the agenda for state capture — a man who has neither honour nor integrity, and absolutely no sense of accountability,” he said, referring to the February 9 State Of the Nation (SONA) speech Zuma is expected to make.

Pityana went on to list many areas in which the Zuma administration had failed over the years. These include promises on employment, improved standard of learning, health and security, among others.

“There is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, despite the name his parents gave him. Absolutely nothing,” he said, describing  Zuma as “one big fake news” and he encouraging journalists to take a good and critical look at the gap between Zuma’s promises and Zuma’s delivery.

To young South Africans, the Save South Africa Campaigner said they underestimate the extent of the problem caused by Zuma who cares less about how  he meddles with the future of coming generations.

“We expect young people to play a crucial role. It is their future Zuma is meddling with.” Pityana reminded the people how corrupt the president is.

Last year, the campaigner deviced a new strategy that would see Zuma off the presidential seat. He said if Zuma remained adamant to his removal, then citizens must take the bull by its horn by making their point clear that they’re not deserving of a leader that president Zuma represents to succeed him during the coming elections.

 This time around, his campaign group is organizing a people’s assembly in Cape Town next week- the same day SONA 2017 will be made- to present what it refers to as the ‘real’ state of the nation where the real issues on the Cabinet Lekgotla will be addressed.

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It will be held at St George’s Cathedral from 11am on Wednesday, and will be the second People’s Assembly organised by the campaign, following the Peoples’ Assembly against State Capture held in Pretoria on November 2 last year.

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