Pikitup Lavish R1 Million Daily On Clean-Up Exercises


As a result of the unprotected strike by pikitup workers, the waste management company has no other choice but to lavish almost R1 million every single day so as to implement some of its contingency clean-up plan to make sure the streets are well-kept.

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The unprotected strike embarked on by the pikitup workers has compelled the waste management company to look for an alternative by buying the services of an external waste management service provider to help collect the refuse around Johannesburg to avoid congestion of dirt.

Speaking for the company, Jacky Mashapu tries to justify the expensive daily cost of the clean-up exercise, saying it is due to certain factors beyond their control. The money is to be used to provide the necessary materials, personnel and the security needed to carry out the clean-up exercise.

“The composition of that million is made up of the trucks, the staff, equipment and security.”

The security appears to be very important as assailants believed to be angry pikitup workers shot at pikitup trucks but there were no casualties.

Workers picking up the rubbish at the time of the shooting were part of the City of Johannesburg’s contingency plan to ensure refuse is removed from the streets while Pikitup workers continue their strike action.

Meanwhile, the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) condemned this extravagant move taken to clean the city. The union believes that the outsourcing of an external workforce is a waste of taxpayers’ money. It has therefore called on Pikitup together with the City of Johannesburg to do whatever they have to and put an end to the strike to ensure a sustainable solution.

The union’s Paul Tlhabang said, “appointing their own service providers to clean the streets of Johannesburg is not a sustainable solution, we want a sustainable solution.”

Speaking for Samwu, Tlhabang argued that the management of Pikitup are handling the matter with a nonchalant attitude and are not trying hard enough to see that the issue is resolved. The bosses are feeling less concerned and comfortably shying away from their responsibilities.

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