A Piece Of MH370 May Have Been Found Off Durban Coast


Thursday morning was spent by Police search and rescue divers incessantly searching the seabed off Umhlanga for aviation wreckage that could be a piece of the lost flight MH370.

The team of divers stormed the sea after a spear fisherman on Monday reported that he saw a section of aluminium wreckage on the sea ground.

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It is not yet confirmed where the wreckage came from, however, it was sighted after two different pieces of aviation wreckage from a lost Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 were found along the southern African coastline. These findings raised further curiosity about the whereabouts of the flight.

The diving operation was confirmed by Police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane, though the team of divers were unable to locate the piece of wreckage reported by the fisherman after conducting a thorough search.

“The search was conducted in extremely dangerous conditions along the reef within the wave zone. No wreckage was located after a thorough search,” he said.

“It may be possible that the piece has been moved by swells and tide changes. Local lifeguards and NSRI have been sensitized and we will act on any new information,” he added.

The spear fisherman, David Gruler who reported the strange ocean debris recounted how he spotted the debris.

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“It was on Monday afternoon; I was diving just north of the pier in Umhlanga. I was in about five metres of water and I was spearfishing at the time and I saw a piece of pressed aluminium with rivets in it,” he said.

“It was blue on one side and it looked like there was some sort of mechanical apparatus,” he added.

The fisherman ignored the finding and continued his dive. It was when he mentioned it to a friend who happened to be the chief lifeguard in Umhlanga that an alarm was raised.