Photos: Look At The R1.5 Billion PWC Sky Scapper In Midrand


Everyone likes developed places and part of the things that show how much a place has developed it the magnificent constructions of buildings and roads and Midrand is not far from that fact. Commuters between Johannesburg and Pretoria would have seen the new 26-story PWC headquarters building constructed in Waterfall City.

According to the developers, the iconic building’s height will make it the tallest structure on the corridor between the Sandton and Pretoria/Tshwane CBDs and part of what gave it that height is the fact that it is situated on a high point in Waterfall City.

The city of Midrand is relatively modern, having experienced much growth in the last decade. Many businesses have relocated there due to its proximity to good highway links and its location in the economic centre of Gauteng Province.

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Midrand’s development has meant there is little break between the outskirts of Johannesburg and those of Pretoria, and the Gauteng Provincial Government envisages that according to current growth trends, much of the province will be city in the next few years.

The magnificent building is located on the same site as the R5 billion shopping complex called the Mall of Africa, which served as the hub for the Waterfall development project. The tower will be visible from anywhere within a 30km radius.

If fully developed, the sky scrapper will be another historic building in South Africa after the largest conference centre in South Africa  known as Gallagher Estate which was built on the former site of Laerskool/Primary School Halfway House.

The 323ha Waterfall City development project would be completed on the price tag R71 billion and will be properly developed in the next few years.

Here are few images of what the building will look like after its final phase of construction as released by the developers.



building 21

building 3


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