Photos: Be On Alert! Crocodile On The Loose Along N4


It has been revealed that a crocodile is crawling the streets of Rustenburg. This was made certain after pictures showing the crocodile in the Rustenburg area, along the N4 were posted on social media.

Traffic South Africa’s Rob Byrne tweeted an image of the beast at around 06:00 on Wednesday morning to alert traffic goers in the Rustenburg area to be on the look out to avoid any casualties.

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The images were originally posted to Twitter by@TrapSpotter, who stated that the animal was snapped on the N4 at the Kroondal offramp just outside Rustenburg.


Trap Spotter also attached a plea to the images imploring those with viable information as to the whereabouts of the animal to call the local crocodile farm at 082 626 9218. This will help make sure that there will be no records of crocodile attack in the area.

There have been records of crocodile attacks in neighbouring Zimbabwe and Namibia respectively. While some of the victims managed to wriggle away from the preying beast, some others were not as lucky as they ended up in the belly of the beast.

Just a month after a crocodile attack was reported on an 18-year-old-girl, a brave wife succeeded in saving her husband’s life after she struggled with a crocodile to pluck her husband from its jaws along the Okavango River that flows through Namibia.

Elizabeth Shintango narrated how she struggled to free her husband, Mathew Kativa, from the animal’s grip as it pulled him deeper into the river.

According to Shintango, she thought she had lost her fight with the beast, along with her husband, when his hand surfaced from underneath the water. But the determination in her pushed her to pull one last time and she succeeded in saving her husband from the beast.

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Also, towards the end of last year, a crocodile tore a five-year-old away from her mother in a terrifying attack in Harare’s dormitory town of Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe. The child’s body was later found in reeds in Chitungwiza the next morning.

In another Zimbabwean croc attack, a teenage boy narrowly escaped death after fighting off a crocodile that attacked him while he was swimming with friends at Gwayi River.

Residents of Rustenburg area should be careful to avoid falling victim to this preying beast.