Peter Gugu: Father Of SA’s Legendary Race Car Driver Dies Of Cancer


Peter Gugu, the father of South Africa’s famed race car driver, Gugu Zulu has died.

Mr. Peter reportedly kicked the bucket on Monday after a long battle with cancer.

According to the Zulu family spokesperson Tseliso Motloheloa, the 66-year-old died at the Unitas Hospital in Pretoria.

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Motloheloa disclosed that the family suspects Peter’s defeat in the battle was intensified by the death of his son Gugu Zulu.

“The passing of Peter Gugu impacted [on] him badly‚ just when we thought he was getting better. It is hard because we had the passing of Gugu’s cousin from Welkom [Mohau Sekoto] in January.

I think‚ at the time when we were dealing with that pain of Mohau‚ three months down the line Gugu’s dad passes. It had a cumulative effect on the family‚ it is painful,”  said Motloheloa.

Peter Gugu dies
Gugu Zulu And His Father

Following the tragedy, many South Africans took to the social media where they lamented about Peter’s shocking demise.

Gugu Zulu died while attempting to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He was part of a mountaineering team led by experienced mountaineer, Sibusiso Vilane.

The team embarked on the expedition in honour of former Nelson Mandela Day. The expedition captioned: Trek4Mandela was organized to raise enough funds to buy sanitary pads for school girls and also ensure that 350 000 girl children would not miss school due to menstrual challenges.

Mandela Day is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela. The celebration holds each year on the date of his birth, July 18.

48 hours before his death, the celebrated and well-established racing driver for Volkswagen had posted several images of himself and his wife. He subsequently wrote on Facebook:

He subsequently wrote on Facebook: “Made it though – day 2. My wife is doing fabulous, she has even learned the local language. Am having flu-like symptoms and struggling with the mountain but taking it step by step!! Today we managed to see our destination; our camp is literary above the clouds.”

Gugu’s wife, Letshego Zulu, who was also part of the Trek4Mandela expedition is a registered bio kineticist, personal trainer, health, and fitness advisor and adrenalin junkie.

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Gugu Zulu won the South African National Rally Class Championships in 2007, 2009 and 2010. He highballed to stardom after he won the Wesbank Award and Goodyear Star of Tomorrow Award.

They have only a child and she will be turning two in June.

Peter Gugu dies