‘People Are Having Sleepless Nights Just To Pull Me Down’- Zuma


President Zuma has refused to stay calm and cold in the thick of his woes and troubles. The beleaguered president has once again made no bones about his rivals. This time, he alleged that his critics have sleepless nights just to oust him.

Zuma, whose leadership has been hanging by a thread spoke to a supportive crowd in his home province on Sunday. He spoke in isiZulu saying, “Kunomshikashika omkhulu kabi, ubona abanye bengalali nje bengikhafula ubusuku nemini,”- loosely translated to mean “there was a big storm brewing with people spending sleepless nights plotting his demise.”

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The embattled president was warmly welcomed by his people before he took to the stage to addressed over 10 000 people at a drought relief imbizo at the Melmoth sports grounds in KwaZulu-Natal. His appearance was also his first public appearance since his televised apology to the nation regarding the handling of security upgrades at his Nkandla homestead.

In his address, Zuma also enjoined black South Africans to use their vote to make a change. He noted that black people are usually too lazy to go out and register to vote, whereas reverse is the case in the midst of the whites.

He thereafter urged black people – also those who belong to parties other than the ANC – to work together or risk having the country slip out of their hands.

“They will take the country away [from] your hands or they will use others to ask you to vote with them,” Zuma said.

However, Zuma did not make specific reference to who would take the country from of black rule. He rather moved on to the issue of land dispossession.

He stated that “there is an issue that black people need to rethink. The Land Act of 1913…We agreed that our land was taken way back in 1913, that is not true…It was in 16 and 17 something and even more in 18 something.”

Zuma, who pulled down the house with cheers from his supporters further asked: “According to the Constitution, will we be able to fight poverty without land, when we are a people with no sense of belonging?

“Will we be able to create black industrialists without land? If you don’t register to vote you will always suffer because everything is done through legislation. And legislation is made in Parliament and in Parliament you need the majority.

He added “That is why I am saying, oh my God, black people you need to come together. You need to vote for another black person,” said Zuma.

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