Celebrities Are Allowed To Be In Debt Too, Says Penny Lebyane


Sometimes, the stereotype of the life of a celebrity as a perfect one makes it hard for people to see them as humans. This is exactly what Penny Lebyane was trying to emphasise on when she said that being a renowned personality does not mean she can’t have life’s challenges.

Penny made the headlines recently following reports that she had to sell off some of her personal belongings at an auction to allow her settle a debt of R65 830.

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It was reported last week, that TV and radio personality Penny Lebyane defaulted on a rental agreement in 2013 with Fiona Hudgson’s company; Hudfam CC. Subsequently, she was taken to the Randburg Magistrate’s Court the following year.

Despite making payments towards clearing her debt, it was deduced that Penny owed R65 830. Thus, right at the Randburg Sheriff’s office, some of her personal goods were sold off at an auction in order to settle her debt. Some of Penny’s belongings that were reportedly sold include – a four-piece bedroom suite; double-door fridge; washing machine; seven-piece dining room suite; gas heater; three TVs; microwave; dishwasher and a coffee table.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with a tabloid, Penny insisted that the reports about her debt were one-sided.

“What was reported in the newspapers is different from what I know,” she revealed. Referring to the upheaval that followed news of her debt, she said:

We all have debts. It’s such a pity that when I’m in debt, it makes headlines. I choose not to live in a bubble – I’m just like everyone else,” she retorted, before pointing out that she isn’t shameful about having gone through her latest financial woe publicly.”

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“I don’t have any shame about this, because I’m a realist. I would rather talk about what I am going through openly, because one thing I know is that skeletons have their own way of coming out. I like to deal with issues head-on.”

All penny is trying to say is…. celebrities are human too and believe it or not, they owe.