Rattled Pearl Thusi Out To Roast Nigerian Blogger For Using Her Image Illegally


Pearl Thusi couldn’t believe her eyes when her Twitter fans alerted her of an illegal use of her face in an advert for bulk SMS in Nigeria.

The actress was left fuming on Wednesday when it dawned on her that someone has been using her face to sell the “Best Bulk SMS Service” in Nigeria without her prior knowledge.

Upset by this, Pearl immediately told her pr team to bring in the lawyers. Apparently, she’s going to war.

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The controversial tweet belongs to Linda Ikeji, a former model and popular blogger in Nigeria who is no stranger to controversy at all. When clicked, the link provided in the tweet took us to a blog post where Pearl’s face is the featured image of the article that gives a substantial description of the services for sale.

In the article which is apparently an advert, the blogger proceeds to give advice on how to buy the best deals in bulk SMS’ as well as listing different ways to use them in various life settings. The article was posted on the blog on Wednesday afternoon and it didn’t take long for South Africans to spot it, alerting Pearl immediately.

Apparently, Pearl Thusi wasn’t informed that her face will be used in selling these services. Thus, she’s not going to take it lying down.

According to her manager Sarit Tomlinson, Pearl’s team is in the process of sorting out the issue.

“We’re sorting this out. It’s been done with no permission or knowledge. We are very angry,” she said.

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In addition, fans have been fueling the anger by encouraging the actress to take legal action against the blogger and the brand for the illegal use of her image.