ANC Must Learn To Listen To The People, Party Leaders Warn


ANC Gauteng Chairperson Paul Mashatile and former Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau wants all members of the party to speak up if they find any wrongdoings within the party.

The two party leaders, who seem concerned about the ill goings in the party, which has degenerated into factionalism, called on the members of the party not to remain calm when they see the party going towards the wrong direction.

Speaking at the funeral of Johannesburg city councilor Nonhlanhla Mthembu in Naturena, in the south of Johannesburg, Mashatile said the ruling party needed to listen to its people cry for things to be fixed.

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He said the party must not turn deaf ears to the people’s cry, but must always listen on what people say about corruption within state-owned enterprises, and fix them.

“Let us respond when our people cry out to state capture,” he said to applause.

“As our people cry out against corruption, we must respond. As our people cry out against the high fees of e-tolls we must respond. We must tell our people ‘we have heard you’ and we will do away with the high fees…and find other ways to fund the infrastructure.”

On the other hand, Mashatile encouraged party members to speak out against wrongs also taking place within the party. He admits that there are a number of wrong doings the party has been into but said members should not remain silent on these things, whenever they are noticed.

“As we go forward and there are wrong things happening even within our movement, we must speak. There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal,” he said.

More to this, former Joburg Mayor Tau said losing Tshwane, Johannesburg as well as Nelson Mandela Bay will be a pointer to the party for what was really at stake.

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Mashatile further described the loss of Joburg and Tshwane metros during the local government elections in August 3 as a “self-inflicted” defeat, saying the ANC needed to learn to listen when its people said they were unhappy about an issue.

“Whilst it is a setback, maybe it will jolt us in the correct path,” Tau said to applause. “I shouldn’t say ‘maybe’ because it must jolt us in the correct path.”

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According to him, the ANC needed to confront ineptitude, corruption, the abuse of state agencies as well as the abuse of the state resources the party had been entrusted with to change the quality of life of the people of South Africa.

Tau also said:

“If we do not stand up, we risk the gains of our revolution, we risk the advancement of the transformation agenda and indeed we risk South Africa itself.”

He however congratulated the comrade Tau for a job well done while he was the mayor. “The fact that we have lost Johannesburg is not your fault,” he said.

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