You Won’t Believe The Number Of ANC Members Who Lately Leapt Over To DA


The Democratic Alliance (DA) had a red-letter day on Tuesday night when a group of over 300 aggrieved African National Congress (ANC) Western Cape members leapt over to its tent.

The more than 300 disgruntled Khayelitsha ANC members were warmly embraced and welcomed by Western Cape DA leader Patricia de Lille during the remarkable event.

“These new members came to the DA after losing faith in the lack of ANC leadership and failed ANC structures within the Western Cape,” she said on Wednesday.

Patricia de Lille Promises Victory

The seasoned politician told the new joiners that the DA would surely make tremendous strides and achieve landmark victory in the forthcoming election.

Patricia de Lille bashed the ruling party in Western Cape and alleged that “The ANC in the Western Cape is slowly being eroded from our political landscape.”

ANC Western Cape spokesperson Yonela Diko reacted to the development by disclosing that it is no news that some members of the ANC in the area had reservations about the candidate lists.

Diko however asserted that irrespective of DA’s loud noise, Khayelitsha remains one of the most poorly-serviced areas in the DA-run Western Cape.

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Western Cape ANC has been in turmoil over the list of candidates for the forthcoming elections. Last week, the party’s manifesto launch in the province was postponed at the eleventh-hour.

Though at first, the party alleged that the event was postponed because of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s belated cancellation. But, reports later revealed that the event was postponed due to internal crisis rocking the province.

Lately, DA leader, Mmusi Maimane  stated during a campaign stop in Metsimaholo, Free State that the DA-governed Western Cape provides a free portion of water, electricity, sanitation and refuse removal to over 98% of its indigent households.

According to Maimane, “this is the strongest proof that the DA is improving the lives of people in our poorest communities where we govern.”

He further alleged that the ANC municipalities in most towns govern as if the lives of poor, black South Africans just don’t matter.

“But I want to tell you today that you have a chance to fix this. In just under two months from now, you can make a decision that will forever change the course of history here.

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The power to move your community forward lies in your hands. It lies in your vote. You don’t have to wait for this ANC government to notice you. You can take charge of your own future, right now,” he added.

The opposition leader also took time to make his audience understand that the best-run municipalities in the country are run by the DA. And that’s why DA municipalities have much lower unemployment rates.