Pastor Patrick Slams Mugabe, Says He Is Being Used By The Devil


Pastor Patrick Mugadza of the Remnant Church Zimbabwe has slammed President Robert Mugabe and his government. He said that Mugabe and his cohorts were being used by the devil to drown and pervert true democracy in Zimbabwe.

The wide-mouthed clergyman did not stop at that, he also requested the Mugabe-led administration to go look for abducted Itai Dzamara. Itai Dzamara was a journalist adopted for months and no one has heard anything about him till now. To Pastor Patrick, his safe return should be of paramount concern to Mugabe.

Pastor Patrick who paid a visit on Wednesday to Dzamara family, prayed for the family and also wished for the safe return of the renowned journalist. It would be recalled that the activist cum journalist was abducted last year by unknown men. Reports said that the journalist visited a local barbershop for a haircut when five armed men took him and threw him into an unmarked vehicle. No news has been heard about him since then.

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35-year-old Dzamara according to a local barber was accused of cattle theft. The journalist is an opposition supporter, he was the leader of a pro-democracy movement known as “Occupy Africa Unity Square”. The aforementioned movement is campaigning for Mugabe’s resignation as Zimbabwe’s president. Itai Dzamara was abducted in March 2015 after leading series of peaceful protests against President Mugabe government’s “misrule”.

Pastor Patrick later visited the barbershop where Dzamara was abducted. He told all who cared to listen that it was Mugabe’s government that abducted the journalist. he said,

“It is not a mermaid which took him, because he was nowhere near a river, neither was he mentally ill to the extent that we might believe that he went into the forest”.

“He was taken by someone to wherever he is and we are saying that state should value human life”.

Speaking to Journalists at the barbershop, Pastor Patrick  Mugadza said president Mugabe was being “used” by the “devil”.

“What is going on at the moment is that somebody is so much at work and that somebody is the devil.”

“For example, you may have a hammer and a nail; they can stay together very well inside a tools box but the moment a carpenter comes in then there is war between the hammer and the nail and this is the reason we should pray for the nation.”

Concluding, the spirited pastor said he craved for an interim government. He maintained that the progress and development Zimbabweans have long hoped for can only come with the emergence  of an interim government. In his prayers, he said,

“That government (interim) Lord will unite us and restore peace and bring us together because we are so divided,” he prayed.

Pastor Patrick Mugadza was brought to limelight following his arrest last December. He was picked up by the government for demonstrating against president Mugabe at the annual conference organized by president Mugabe’s party- ZANU-PF. The conference took place last December in Victoria Falls.

Defiant Patrick was later detained till Christmas. However, when he was released, he was not deterred by what he passed through, he has continued making wild and strong agitation against the present government.

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