Death Is Powerless: Pastor Offers Members Rattex As Healing Agent


While South Africans get weary of the rise of pastors parading themselves as miracle prophets, a new pastor has emerged who claims that rattex nourishes and heals members.

The new minister who goes by the name Pastor Light Monyeki of the Grace Living Hope ministry was pictured mixing Rattex with water and offering it to his congregants claiming it is for “nourishment and healing”.


The emergence of these new generation pastors is becoming a worrying issue both to the government and the various health departments as these pastors put the lives of ordinary citizens at risk by giving them poisonous drinks.

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Just at the beginning of the year, a new self acclaimed pastor greeted us with a new healing strategy where he fed his members with a vehicle engine cleaning fluid during deliverance service. The clergyman forced his members to take turns drinking the chemical last week as he laid hands on them to receive healing.

When he was interviewed on the motive behind his actions, the pastor said he was doing it so he could demonstrate the power of God”

“When we pray over anything, its poison dies. So it can’t harm people. Nothing happened, no one has been to hospital,” he said as he further noted that those members who took the vehicle engine cleaning fluid had been “saved, healed and delivered”. He backed up his claims by citing Bible verses.

“Jesus spat on the ground and made mud. He took that mud and smeared it on the eyes of a blind man and, instantly, that blindness was healed. Mark 16 v 17-18 says ‘in My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

The news of a new pastor emerging after the court ordeal with the controversial Doom pastor points to the fact that more actions are needed to curb these religious excesses.

The Commission for Promotions and Protection of the Rights of Religious‚ Cultural and Linguistic Communities (CRL) has proposed the commercialization of religion in the country which South Africans are heavily in support of.

Meanwhile, Pastor Light Monyeki of the Grace Living Hope ministry said he allowed his members to use the “deadly poison to show forth their faith”.

He said that he told the faithfuls: “If nyaope boys can smoke Rattex for more than eight years‚ who are we? Death has no power over us.”

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Nyaope is a highly addictive drug made from a range of ingredients from low-grade heroin‚ dagga‚ rat poison and detergents containing chlorine and ammonia.

Rottex pastor feeds

Holding out the plastic bottle, he declared “life from above upon the water mixed with Rattex; and spoke nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick”.

After he first took the concussion, a multitude of congregants voluntarily ran to the front to have a drink of the deadly poison.