Pastor Nozewu Biography: His Personal Life and Complicated Marital Relationships

Pastor Nozewu (Real Name: Sisanda Phiwe Nozewu, born 30th November 1975) is a multi-skilled South African radio host, Emcee, content producer, DeeJay, businessman, and author. He is best known for hosting the breakfast show called Breakfast Eyondlayo Ekuseni (B.E.E.) on Umhlobo Wenene FM (UWFM). Although Pastor is currently happily married to his second wife, Phumza Nozewu, his first marriage to a woman named Lulu ended very bitterly.

The career path of a radio presenter is quite a competitive one, and it’s only the bold and daring minds that can succeed in the industry. Pastor Nozewu is one of those brave multi-talented South Africans who have won the hearts of many, thanks to his job on the mic as a host on the award-winning breakfast show Breakfast Eyondlayo Ekuseni (BEE). His expertise while hosting the show endeared him to millions, cementing his place as one of South Africa’s top radio show hosts.

Another thing that has drew public attention to him was his marital problems with his now ex-wife, Lulu. Theirs was a messy divorce, leading to multiple callouts on social media. The juicy details of this and more you will find out about the radio presenter as you read this article.

Profile Summary of Pastor Nozewu

  • Full Name: Sisanda Phiwe Nozewu
  • Nickname: Pastor Nozewu
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 30th November 1975
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Age: 48 years old
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Marital Status: Married
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Wife: Phumza Nozewu
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Children: 3
  • Pastor Nozewu’s Instagram: @pastorthedj
  • Twitter: @PastortheDJ
  • Facebook: @PastortheDJ

Pastor Nozewu Was Born in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Pastor Nozewu was born Sisanda Phiwe Nozewu on 30th November 1975 in East London, South Africa. His birthplace, in particular, was on the Eastern Cape coast of the country. Pastor Nozewu had his childhood experience in Mdantsane, Uitenhage, PE, and King William’s town.

There is no information about his birth father as he was raised by his grandmother. Reports available say that his mother got divorced from his father when he was still young and had to take on jobs in different areas of the country in other to be able to cater to the needs of her children. And so Pastor Nozewu and his elder brother were left in the care of their now-late grandmother.

The celebrity disc jockey studied at Thuthuka Casting in Johannesburg in 1997 before going on to study radio presenting and radio production at the Classic FM Radio Institute, a program he graduated from in 1998.

The Radio DJ Has Been Active Since 1997 and is Famed for Hosting the Show – Breakfast Eyondlayo Ekuseni (BEE)

Nozewu is most famous for hosting the breakfast show dubbed Breakfast Eyondlayo Ekuseni (BEE). He has been doing his thing as a DJ since 1997 and has done a pretty good job as a disc jockey. His career has not been boring as he has been doing what he loves since his childhood and has progressed from just wanting to play the best music on the radio to hosting shows and becoming a radio presenter.

Sisanda has revealed that his mother’s love for listening to the radio, particularly Radio 5 (5FM now) and Capitol Radio, made him develop strong feelings for radio presenting. He got a step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a well-known radio presenter when some disc jockeys from the popular C.K.I FM arrived as guests at his matriculation ceremony. This birthed a strong desire in him to become a DJ.

In a bid to gather proper experience in his choice of career, Nozewu volunteered to work for a year at the youth section of C.K.I. FM, and in the process, he was able to secure a five-year contract at the radio station. His first workplace, C.K.I. FM used to be known as Radio C.K.I. or Tru FM at the time but is presently known as SABC.

The Radio Presenter is Breaking New Grounds in the World of Broadcasting

Another intriguing thing about Pastor Nozewu is that he is not only into radio presenting but is also involved in other aspects of broadcasting like being an emcee at private events such as weddings, house warming, etc. He has also been invited to emcee at government functions. Sisanda Phiwe now owns a recording label called Umdabho Entertainment and utilizes it by managing artists and helping them do some music recording through his label.

Being a tireless workaholic, he has also gotten into the world of commercial adverts and radio production. As a DJ and FM presenter, the multi-talented content creator has consistently endeavored to keep his audience well entertained and interested in the issues brought up on the show as he engages them in mind-stimulating conversations. The popular radio presenter has spoken severally about his love for traveling. According to him, if he were not into radio presenting or other things but had enough money on him, he would have become a full-time traveler to explore the different countries in the world.

Pastor Nozewu’s First Marriage Ended Due to Allegations of Infidelity

Apart from being the radio presenter, DJ, and author that he is, among many other things, Nozewu Sisanda also has a family life. The radio personality was once married to a lady identified as ‘Lulu’ and is a father of three children, which he sired with his now ex-wife. There is no information as to how they met, but it must have been a good love story just like many others, only that there was no happy ending to this love story as the couple soon got divorced and went their separate ways.


Their union was blessed with three kids named Lwethu, Phawu, and Hluhlelunje, and according to the information available, he has been doing his bit like a father by ensuring that he provides for them. Unfortunately for Lulu and Nozewu, their marriage hit the rocks due to cheating allegations from Nozewu himself. His ex-wife insisted that he was cheating and sought the annulment of their marriage based on that. As this unraveled, Nozemu continued to deny the allegations and accused his estranged wife of stalling the divorce process.

The Ugly Divorce Banter Played Out On Social Media

In 2018, the estranged wife of the radio personality took to her Instagram page and accused Nozewu of having a second wife. In the shocking revelation, Lulu said she had requested a divorce from him upon learning of his infidelity, but he refused to sign the papers. She accused him of denying her the freedom to move on with her life since their marriage did not work out.

Immediately after her post, the radio personality responded to his wife’s claims by denying ever getting married to any other woman and alleged that his ex-wife was only trying to humiliate him on social media since he was the one who took a walk from their union. According to Nozewu, he would have long been remarried if only she had agreed to obey the court orders concerning their failed marriage, stating that they had been separated for a very long time. In her defense, Lulu clapped back, saying that she merely responded to what he had posted on his Facebook page about how their union had already hit the rocks.

Pastor Nozewu Is Now Remarried to a Second Woman

After the callout from Lulu, many fans have been speculating about the identity of this new woman. And even though nothing was made of Lulu’s accusations, DJ Nozewu eventually married a second woman known as Phumza Nozewu in 2019. And a report revealed that they had been dating for seven years before their marriage. Was Lulu saying the truth all along?

We can’t tell for sure as everyone has moved on in their lives. Nothing is known about his estranged wife – if she has moved on or not – but there are pictures of Pastor Nozewu and his kids with Phumza on his Instagram account.

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