Loud Music Forces Hoodlums To Steal Church’s Sound System


‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing’, was the prayer Pastor George Mathye would pray for his haters each time they complain of his church’s loud music.

For months, people complained about Gospel Christian Church loud sound system during services.

But, the pastor and members of the church paid deaf ears to their complaints.

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However, on a fateful Wednesday, haters descended on their expensive loud system system unnoticed. Not only did the hoodlooms cart away the system, they also made away with other musical instrument.

Pastor George Mathye Reacts

The 31-year-old pastor said the break-in was discovered while they were preparing for a Thursday night service. He said the hoodlums were only jealous of his church.

“We did not even realise there had been a break-in until we went to the storeroom to fetch the sound system.

The people who did this have no respect for God and places of prayer. They did this out of hate and jealousy” he said.

The defiant man of God however emphasized that the bulgary will never deter the church from praising God.

“However, the break-in will not prevent us from praising the Lord.”

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Pastor George Mathye said the church was opened on December 7, 2015. Now Mathye’s faith and power to forgive have been tested yet again!

Meanwhile, Siyabuswa police spokeswoman, Captain Zandile Gqawa has confirmed that a case of burglary has been opened. She said police are currently carrying out investigation.

Many churches across the globe are usually filled with loud music. Some even look like rock concerts with the music being so loud that one can barely hear oneself sing.