Political Parties To Name Private Sponsors By June 30


South African NGO ‘My Vote Counts’ says political parties represented in Parliament have until Friday to reveal private sponsors.

The deadline is in response to the non-governmental organization’s Promotion of Access to Information Act application.

According to the NGO, South Africa’s political organizations are expected to pen down all donations – funds, goods and services received from Private Sponsors, companies and foreign governments.

My Vote Counts coordinator Janine Ogle disclosed that other relevant information needed include: names of private donors, the amount received from the donors, time of donations, conditions related to donations (if any) and nature of the conditions.

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The non-governmental organizations’ coordinator asserted that the provision of the required information would go a long way in helping electorates make solid decisions before casting their votes during elections.

Ogle disclosed that “The information has been sought for the past five years. Thus far we have only received written responses from two political parties.

The spokesperson further stated that there won’t be room for the appeal process and political parties who fail to comply would be roped to court.

On May 31, the organization, through the act, demanded access to the financial information of the 13 political parties represented in Parliament.

The organization also claims that Parliament has a constitutional obligation to enact specific legislation to mandate political parties to reveal their funders.

Last month, the ruling party paraded another light of its campaign strategy by instructing party campaigners to solicit from supporters and local business money for airtime and SMS and data bundles.

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ANC’s Zizi Kodwa asserted that the fundraising strategy suggestions were contained in the ruling party’s 94-page 2016 election campaign manual distributed to regions ahead of the August 3 local government elections.

The ANC also opined that competition and raffles are good ways of making money.