Parliament’s Ethics Committee Lays Charges On Maimane For Not Properly Declaring Interests


I tell you, whenever the hunter turns to be hunted, danger is certainly lurking around. Currently, The Democratic Alliance leader and ‘hunter’ Mmusi Maimane is being hunted but since the incipient battle is yet to make waves, we hope Maimane’s image won’t be dented.

The opposition party leader is under fire but is ready to protect his image after South Africa’s parliament ethics committee alleged he did not properly announce his interest.

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Members of Parliament are required to declare their assets and anything that is given to them in the course of their work, as part of Parliament’s monitoring system.

But after meeting in private, parliament’ ethics committee found Maimane guilty of not publicizing three sponsorships he received on time, Network24 reported.

The reports say that last November, the office of the ANC chief whip received a formal letter of complaint which was submitted to the parliament ethics committee.

According to the ANC chief, the letter requested the committee to “conduct an official investigation on the 11 DA MPs believed to have misled Parliament in their declarations of financial interests.”

He later revealed that “The ANC believes that DA leader Mmusi Maimane and his 10 colleagues who contested for positions at the party’s electoral federal congress in May failed to disclose financial donations they personally sought for their campaigns.”

In the face of the heat, DA leader Maimane says his legal team is still considering the claim forwarded by parliament’ ethics committee.

Meanwhile, Maimane’s spokesperson, Mabine Seabe, said on Tuesday, that the DA was not properly notified about the charge and that the committee is being used by the ANC to appear politically strong and superior.

However, Seabe said the party was first notified on Friday. He failed to give details of the complaint, or the sanction.

He wondered why the party would be lately informed about the case after the committee had already decided upon it.

“It is clear the ethics committee is being used and abused by the ANC to try and score political points,”

“We will not let this happen. In this case, the Ethics Committee apparently charged Mr Maimane, met and decided on a sanction without ever even informing Mr Maimane or inviting him to participate,” Seabe said.

“Whatever the so-called sanction, which is clearly arrived at illegitimately, we will definitely not accept it and the matter is currently being considered by the DA’s legal team.”

“This is a total disregard of the basic principles of fair process and we will not stand for it,” he added.

Reports alleged that Maimane is facing a fine and a reprimand.

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