Parliament Roasts Secretary Mgidlana For Abuse Of Power


Though he has denied doing anything wrong, the secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana is set to face disciplinary proceedings in the House.

Also, Mgidlana has seven days according to Parliament, to convince its presiding officers why he should not be put on precautionary suspension pending when the disciplinary hearing is finalised.

The allegations brought against Gengezi Mgidlana include an ex gratia payment of R71 000, improper allocation of a study bursary, improper travel arrangements as well as irregular procurement of services.

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While the investigation is ongoing and the secretary is probed by the Parliament’s audit committee, Mgidlana has been on special leave which he requested for since May.

Apparently, the allegations of maladministration and abuse of power against him are not something Mgidlana can wish away so easily as Parliament says after due consideration of the investigation’s report, its presiding officers have decided the allegations are serious enough to warrant disciplinary proceedings against Mgidlana. Nevertheless, he is innocent until the proceedings prove otherwise.

Commenting on the matter, Parliament adds that Mgidlana remains innocent until “due process” proves otherwise and that the presiding officers hope this will be concluded, “without delay”.

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Mgidlana is no stranger to being called out for similar allegations. Last year, the Democratic Alliance (DA) revealed that Parliament secretary, Gengezi Mgidlana and other senior officials lavished ‘an outrageous R2 million on a two-week benchmarking exercise’ across Europe. DA chief whip, John Steenhuisen expressed disappointment over Mgidlana’s extravagant spending and labelled it “a disgusting appropriation of public funds”. He said that “repeatedly, Mr Mgidlana has proven himself to be more interested in widening his waistline and pockets than ensuring that Parliament responsibly executes its mandate.”

As a result, opposition parties called for disciplinary action to be taken against the Parliament Secretary.