Parliament Okays R23‚000 A Night For Basic Bed And Breakfast In London


The parliament has allegedly okayed the wasteful spending of R23‚000 at a one night for a basic bed-breakfast in London, by one of its own, Gengezi Mgidlana.

Report has it that the Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana forked out R44,320 for a chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz while on an overseas trip.

According to the report, Mgidlana took a study trip to Budapest, Hungary in July, where he hired a Mercedes-Benz E-Class at R8,660 per day for five days, at taxpayers’ expense.

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This report followed a previous report that the Parliament Secretary and senior parliamentary staff lavished almost R2 million in “benchmarking” trips, flying business class and staying in five-star hotels in the UK and Turkey.

Mgidlana spent R42,150 for three nights at the Conrad London St James Hotel, in London.

The Parliament, however, turned down the article as sensational and misleading, ‘and should be rejected with the contempt they deserve’.

“The report ignores facts and selectively portrays costs of the official trips to international partners of Parliament as very high, negating for example, the applicable Rand-Pound exchange rates that any South African gets subjected to when visiting London or other European countries.

“For example, a basic hotel accommodation service which costs R1300 for bed-and-breakfast for every civil servant in South Africa, could cost about R23 000 per day in London. The policies are clear with regarding to transport and accommodation services the STP, as the Accounting Officer of Parliament, is entitled to nationally and internationally,” Parliament said in a statement as it appears it used the exchange rate as a cost multiplier.

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Regarding the provision of chauffeur services in the country, Parliament said that it was done in line with the applicable policies and regulations.

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