Selfie Gone Wrong! Mum, Dad And Daughter Perish In Latest Selfie Deaths


In a determined bid to capture one of those dangerous selfies, an 11-year-old girl got herself drowned on Tuesday.

This the latest selfie deaths which has been on the increase.

In addition, her parents also died in an attempt to save her from drowning in northern Pakistan.

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According to officials, the unfortunate incident took place in the Kunhar river that flows through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, at a hilly tourist spot in Beesian village. This is about 200 kilometres (120 miles) north of Islamabad.

Kunhar river is a rocky, fast-flowing water which is popularly used for whitewater rafting.

Apparently, the young lady was trying to take a really good selfie when she slipped.

“The girl, Safia Atif, was trying to take a selfie along the river when she slipped and fell,” local police official Arshad Khan said.

Afterward, Safia’s panicking mom Shazia Atif jumped in to save her, but she was swept away by the strong current.

Meanwhile, the father who couldn’t just standby and watch his family being swept away jumped in and met the same fate.

“Seeing both his wife and daughter drowning, the father Atif Hussain also jumped in to rescue them but he met a similar fate.”

“The dead bodies of the mother and daughter have been recovered while we are still looking for the body of Hussain,” Khan added.

The surviving members of the family; nine-year-old daughter and six-year-old son were witnesses to the incident.

The local administration has taken them into custody pending when their family members arrive.

Both parents were doctors from Punjab province who were enjoying a holiday with the kids.

The incident was also witnessed by other tourists who couldn’t do anything to help as the watched the latest selfie deaths unfold.

Similarly, a lot of people have lost their lives in the river. Nevertheless, one of the officials said the government had put up signs warning people not to go near the river. But then, curiosity will always come knocking.

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“Each year around a dozen people drown here,” he said anonymously.

“This is a tourist spot and people usually come here for a picnic and most of them are outsiders who have no idea about the depth of the river,” he said.

This latest selfie deaths takes us back to similar incidents which have been recorded since the coming of smartphones.

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