Paramedics Intervene To Save Man Who Was Thrown Off Cape Town Bridge


A recent Cape Town assault left a man in a very critical condition after he was allegedly thrown off a Cape Town bridge in Cape Town on Tuesday morning as reported by paramedics.

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ER24 paramedics spokesperson Chitra Bodasing elaborated on the rather vague incident saying “It is believed that the man was apparently on his way to work when he was allegedly assaulted and thrown off the bridge.”

The assaulted man was found lying face down on the road that lies between Mitchells Plain and Nyanga, just before 07:00 on Tuesday morning. Paramedics who intervened were on their way home from their night shift when they spotted authorities gathered at the scene of the incident and volunteered to help.

The man who was thrown off Cape Town bridge sustained some serious head injuries and was taken to hospital. he managed to survive the fall and is presently fighting for his life in the hospital.

Western Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said police had no record of the incident while Metro police were also not aware of it.

Meanwhile, while the true nature of the incident has not been confirmed yet, we hope that this is not a repetition of the incident that led a man to jump off a two storey building because he was delusional after consuming some illegal substance.

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Few months ago it was reported that a man got himself seriously injured when he jumped off a two storey building after the substance he took (allegedly hard drugs) gave him some mind blowing hallucinations. Confirming this incident, ER24 spokesperson Pieter Rossouw related that those who witnessed the event narrated to paramedics that the man was screaming that someone was chasing him whereas they did not see anybody who was after him.

His friends reportedly “told authorities that the man had taken several drugs including “ecstasy” and had started hallucinating in the car while they were driving. When they stopped to assist him, he got out of the car and ran to the building from which he then later jumped.”