Silver With A Touch Of Gold: Watch Papa Penny’s New Car That Left Us Awestruck


Papa Penny’s new car is all kinds of hot!

While y’all were laughing at his spoken English, musician Penny Penny went and bought himself a flashy new ride that got everyone talking.

The very flamboyant car speaks a lot about the owner. Apparently, Penny Penny went to a garage and made his choice of a car. However, it appears he was not impressed with the colour and some other things on the car, thus, he asked for it to be pimped up.

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The aftermath is amazing as the car is now silver, with a touch of gold on the front! Sounds strange right? But trust Papa Penny to make sure it turns out very beautiful.

To give us an idea of what this one in a million car looks like, music producer Sipho Ngwenya met Papa Penny on Thursday and took a video of the car.

Here’s the video of the Papa Penny’s new car;

The real thing!!! In gold!! #PapaPennyAhee

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The reality TV star has continued to inspire his fans through his reality TV show Papa Penny Ahee. Each episode has left viewers in stitches as a result of his amazing personality, grandeur and sense of humour. Also, he has given fans more reasons to respect him since he launched the reality show.

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In Wednesday’s episode, Papa Penny wanted to upgrade his Chrysler Crossfire with new rims and a more sleek body paint. And judging from what he usually goes for, we knew Penny Penny was bound to make it extravagant.

To prove us absolutely right, he requested that a photo of him be placed on the rims of his car.

Papa Penny's New Car

This would probably make it easier to be identified as Papa Penny’s car.

Meanwhile, when his wife complained about how irrelevant a sports car is to the family, Papa Penny promised her a bigger family car that she can use just for groceries. Hope he hasn’t forgotten though.