Papa Penny Penny On Those Who Mocked His Spoken English


A good number of fans took to social media earlier this week to defend veteran musician Papa Penny Penny who was called out on for his “broken” English.

When his new reality show, Papa Penny Ahee debuted on Mzansi Magic on Wednesday night, Papa Penny Penny captured the hearts of many as always.

This was coupled with the fact that Papa Penny was making a TV comeback since his appearance as a choirmaster on last year’s Clash of the Choirs.

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However, some fans didn’t like the way he speaks English and decided to tell him so. Forming a minority group, some Twitter users mocked the musician’s “broken” English;

Nevertheless, the star’s fans came to the rescue to defend their icon’s spoken English. They made it crystal clear that speaking good English does not guarantee one’s success.

Speaking on the matter, Penny Penny said he appreciates the warm reception the show got from the public. He added that the debate about his spoken English does not give him any concern. Instead, he will continue to be himself irrespective of what people have to say.

“I am not an English man and I won’t change for anyone. I am an African man and I am proud of that. I was not born speaking English but I speak communicative English and that should be enough. People who speak to me understand me, so I don’t think it is a problem.”

The bottom line is Penny and his family had a good time shooting the reality show and when they sat down as a family to watch the debut, they liked what they saw. Thus, they wouldn’t mind shooting more for the viewing pleasure of fans.

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“It would obviously depend on Mzansi Magic, but I would like to shoot more. I really think that fans will enjoy what we have shot so far and I want to give them more if I can,” Penny added.

Similarly, Mzansi Magic is pleased with the positive reaction the show garnered from viewers.