Palestinian Embassy Unmasks Shocking Details About Maimane’s ‘Disingenuous’ Visit To Israel


An altercation between the Palestinian embassy and the Democratic Alliance (DA) has led to a discovery that there was no meeting between DA leader Mmusi Maimane and Israel and Palestine leaders – as claimed by the DA.

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According to the foreign embassy, Maimane’s visit to the Middle Eastern regions was duplicitous because the opposition leader secretly embarked on the tour to Israel without telling the embassy about the visit.

The Embassy rubbished claims that Maimane was set to meet with leaders of the Palestinian Authority during the visit and also charged that no Palestinian officials or leaders were scheduled to meet with Maimane during the visit.

A letter released by the Palestinian embassy read:

“The embassy of the State of Palestine would like to point out that the DA did not inform the embassy about Mr. Maimane’s visit to the State of Palestine, and that the embassy became aware of the DA leader’s visit through the South African media.

“The embassy categorically did not have any role in the recent [visit], beside that the embassy communicated with the Palestinian minister of foreign affairs in Ramallah City and were officially informed by the ministry that no one of PA (Palestinian Authority) officials or leadership were to meet with Mr. Maimane.”

But the DA refuted the claims; insisting that the party had informed South Africa’s Embassy in Ramallah of the meeting‚ and had invited South Africa’s ambassador to join the meeting.

More so, the blue block maintained that why the embassy wasn’t contacted was because South Africans do not require a visa to visit the region.

“South Africans don’t require a visa to travel to the region, [so] of course the embassy wasn’t contacted.We communicated directly with the president’s office.

“The embassy says they contacted the foreign minister’s office to confirm? Why didn’t they contact the president’s office?,” national spokesperson Phumzile Van Damme replied on Monday.

Van Damme urged the Palestinian embassy to go and clarify itself on the visit because it was apparently clearly that they were ill-informed. She claimed that the meeting with the president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas was confirmed, but then canceled.

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Appalled, the ANC slammed the DA for lying about an alleged appointment with President Abbas. The ruling party described it as a cheap attempt by the DA and Mmusi Maimane in particular to gain credibility for this visit – which has now spectacularly backfired, exposing the DA for what they are.

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