Palesa Chubisi Bio – Everything to Know About the News Anchor

Palesa Chubisi is a South African presenter and news reporter best known for presenting ‘Morning Live’ and being one of SABC’s finest reporters. She endeared herself to the heart of viewers with her almost flawless command of English, beautiful voice, and impeccable journalism skills.

Despite all the challenges one would have to face to become famous and renowned in South Africa’s media industry, Palesa Chubisi has overcome so many hurdles to make her name a household name in the industry. As much as fans love her, most people know very little about her, and she has also done a great job of keeping so much about herself private.

Palesa Chubisi’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Palesa Chubisi
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 21, 1986
  • Palesa Chubisi’s Age: 37 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Palesa Chubisi’s Husband: Mr. C.
  • Palesa Chubisi’s Children: 1
  • Famous for: Being a SABC news anchor
  • Palesa Chubisi’s Instagram: @palesachubisi
  • Twitter: @palesachubisi

Palesa Chubisi Keeps Information About Her Childhood Private

For someone in the business of disseminating news and information, Palesa Chubisi sure knows how to do just the opposite, and she does her job. As much as she could, she has kept a lot of information about her family and siblings away from the media. As of 2016, her age was still a mystery to South Africans.

However, on July 21, 2017, she decided to let the cat out of the bag as she revealed saw was celebrating her 31st birthday. In 2021, she celebrated her 35th birthday on Instagram on the same date, which means she was born on July 21, 1986. She is a native of the Free State town of Ficksburg.

She Has a Close Relationship with Her Family

Despite being in the industry for many years, Palesa Chubisi has not revealed who her mother, father, or siblings are. However, she has not failed to admit that she is close to them. Judging from the age at which she started working towards making her passion a career, you can tell that she most likely have a supportive family.

She gives credit to her humble beginnings for playing a role in sharpening her to become who she is today. According to her, she was born into a family of six, and they lived in a remote location in South Africa.

Palesa Chubisi Discovered Her Passion at a Very Young Age

Palesa Chubisi did not have to wait until it was time to get into the university to decide on the career path she would like to take. At a young age, she already knew that she would like to be in the media industry. As early as grade 11, she had already started doing voiceovers at local radio stations.

This exposed her to basic foundations about the media and served as an encouragement for her to pursue a career in journalism – which she did. Thankfully, despite being young, her decision was for a good course. Today, she is well known across South Africa for her outstanding skill in the journalism field.

She is a Graduate of Vaal University of Technology

After high school, Palesa Chubisi was convinced of her passion for journalism and was ready to become a professional in the field. Her passion led her to apply to the Vaal University of Technology, and fortunately for her, she was accepted.

After completing her tertiary education, she bagged a degree and was ready for the labor market. Not so long after university, she landed a job, and since then, her career has continued to blossom.

Palesa Chubisi Has Worked at SABC for Many Years

After graduating from the university, Palesa Chubisi moved to Bloemfontein in search of a job, and fortunately for her, SABC accepted her with arms wide open. Working for SABC helped polish her skills and opened her to opportunities that have contributed to making her famous. At SABC, she started by being a part of the news team of Lesedi FM.

Although listeners were not seeing her, her voice was so interesting to listen to. And the skill with which she used to disseminate information was top-notch. After spending some time with the news team of Lesedi FM, she landed a role in SABC2 Morning Live. As always, she showed so much skill and professionalism in her approach to work.

She also Worked With SABC Channel 404

Her outstanding skill was so obvious that when SABC launched Channel 404, which reached over 24 countries across Africa, she was selected to serve as an anchor in the channel. Her leaving ‘Morning Live’ was a sad moment for her fans who missed her touch on the show. As of 2019, she worked at Leihlo La Sechaba, a program that featured a wide range of topics.

Why Was Palesa Chubisi Fired from SABC?

Palesa Chubisi’s career has not always been a smooth ride. She has faced challenges and criticism, but she has proven to be a strong woman who knows her rights and how to fight for herself. Sometime in 2020, she and 29 others were dismissed from SABC due to allegations that they were promoted without Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the former chief operating officer, following due process.

This did not sit well with her, and as such, she took the matter before a law court, asking to be reinstated. In May 2021, the court ruled in her favor, and SABC was ordered to reinstate her and also pay the cost of the application.

Where Does Palesa Chubisi Work Now?

As at the time of writing this, Palesa Chubisi works at Lesedi FM, and her fans were so excited to have her back at SABC. However, hearing her voice alone is no longer enough for fans, as they cannot wait to have her back on screen.

In all the challenges she has faced in her career, her fans have stood by her, and when she got back to Lesedi FM, social media was flooded with appreciation posts from her fans who were happy that she was back.

Who Is Palesa Chubisi Married To?

Palesa Chubisi is yet to reveal who her husband is. However, sometime in 2021, she shared a picture of herself and a man who she showered praise on. According to her caption, he has always made her happy, and she would fall in love with him over and over again.

She called him ‘Mr. C’ and did not tag any IG account. As such, it is difficult to identify him and what he does for a living. It is noteworthy that she wears a ring, which means she is most likely married. Palesa also has a child who she is so proud of. But his name is not available to the public.

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