Pics: Good News! Pabi Moloi Shares Baby Bump Of First Child With Hubby


Radio and TV personality Pabi Moloi has put several minds at rest as she confirmed that she is indeed with child.

Pabi took to Instagram on Monday to finally confirm the good news after several months of ignoring speculations.

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Pabi shared a picture of herself holding her bump as colleagues on her new SABC TV show including Kuli Roberts surrounded her. The pics featured co-stars Kuli Roberts; Shaka Sisulu and Nina Hastie.

Apparently, the TV star is very excited to embark on the journey of motherhood as she captioned the picture:

“I am elated! We’re cooking up a little human. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ God has been so eternally full of love and protection. Here is to a brand new life as mommy!”

However, the baby bump doesn’t come as a surprise to fans as the media star also shared her wedding news on Instagram not too long ago. But, Pabi refused to comment on previous speculations that she and her new hubby were expecting their first child.

Pabi Moloi reportedly got married earlier in the year in what seemed to be a private ceremony.

She later surprised everyone with the news of her wedding in May.

Posting a simple picture of herself and her husband holding hands, Pabi confirmed the news. She posted the picture with the caption: “So many people got married last week. Even me!” Known for drawing a line between her popularity and private life, she chose a picture that hid her hubby’s identity.

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It’s really a season of good news for the Tv star. Pabi Moloi recently announced that she would be co-hosting a talk show on SABC3 called Trend SA with other stars like Kuli Roberts, Shaka Sisulu and Nina Hastie. The show hit the airwaves for the first time on 25 July.