Viva ANC, Viva! Over 600 DA, EFF & Cope Members Join Party


Reports have it that over 600 DA, EFF and Cope members have abandoned their parties to pledged allegiance to the ANC.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that President Jacob Zuma welcomed the members of the opposition parties to the ANC at a gathering in Thaba Nchu, Free State.

As gathered, former DA and Cope Councillors were among the members of the opposition parties who joined the ruling party.

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The Councillors related that they left their former parties because they weren’t satisfied and at peace for several reasons.

For instance, former DA Councillor, Ernest Tobie indicated that the DA is a racial party that use blacks to achieve their dreams.

“Councillors who are actually putting in the work in the party are black and we don’t get recognized,” Tobie remarked and stressed that as the reason he left the DA.

Similarly, former Cope Councillor Mancane Rigala asserted that the ANC is the ideal party. According to him, he left the ANC out of anger.

Rigala said: “I am happy to have moved back. Sometimes we leave the organisation based on anger but it’s not easy being on the opposition bench. You feel like your ancestors have turned against you.”

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ANC Was Born In Free State

Embracing the new members, President Zuma asserted that Free State is ANC’s home.

“Free State has always been the home of the ANC and this is where the party was born,” he said.

Thereafter, Mr President cautioned that opposition parties don’t have the capacity to rule South Africa.

“Opposition parties can’t change people’s lives no matter what they say. All that they can ever be is members of parliament,” remarked Zuma.

Precisely, not fewer than 157 members from the DA joined the ruling party. 347 fighters and 152 members from Cope were as well, welcomed to the ANC.

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