OUTA State Capture Report: 7 Reasons Zuma Must Be Roasted And Discarded


OUTA State Capture Report – The Organization Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) says Jacob Zuma is a President caught in the act and, there’s no room for him to hide his atrocities.

OUTA is a non-profit civil action organisation. Funded by tens of thousands of individuals and businesses, OUTA’s aim is to hold government accountable for the abuse of power, corruption and maladministration.

The organisation takes pride in being known as an establishment that ensures more tax revenues are made available to the benefit all in South Africa, especially the poor and vulnerable.

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For that and other reasons, OUTA in April 2017, started to document a case which it believes will expose the reality and extent of President Zuma’s conduct and connection to state capture.

Now, OUTA is set to present the case document to law enforcement so that President Zuma and other facilitators of State Capture will be removed from office and prosecuted.

According to the civil action organisation, the document will provide the links and detail in a range of compelling cases against Zuma.

It will also provide a basis for potential removal from office and prosecution of a number of officials in key state institutions.

To OUTA, removing President Zuma from power is the primary step to take before redressing the devastating effect of his conduct and state capture.

“We believe that others implicated in the report should also be removed from office and prosecuted; we are handing this document to law enforcement for this purpose.

“…Our case is compelling, shows there is no doubt about the truth of the claims of state capture and provides those in positions of authority with sufficient evidence for justifying the removal of Zuma as President of South Africa,” OUTA stated.

As found in OUTA State Capture report, the under listed are the reasons President Zuma and his State Capture cohort must be roasted and discarded:

1. Zuma allowed himself to be influenced in his appointment of Cabinet members;

2. He appointed poorly qualified and incompetent individuals in decision-making positions. And, retained them when he had ample reason and opportunity to remove them;

3. Allowed corrupt individuals to benefit from state coffers or failed to institute action when he became aware of such conduct;

4. Mismanaged his Cabinet in a manner that has had a detrimental effect on the country and the economy;

5. Used or manipulated state resources or appointments to avoid prosecution for at least 783 charges;

6. Willfully and maliciously lied or misled Parliament and the nation; and

7. Abused his position to enrich himself, his family, his friends and his cronies.

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Stressing that the case document was compiled by a team of experienced investigators, researchers and legal counsel, OUTA divulged that it has already presented the document to the Speaker of the House in Parliament today.

While the organisation will ensure that all MPs receive a copy of the document, it will also ensure that the case document is presented to other relevant institutions and people in authority.

Specifically, OUTA mentioned that it will hand the document to the African National Congress’ NEC, the Hawks, the Minister of Police, the National Prosecuting Authority and the Public Protector.

“As the case document has also been prepared and compiled in a manner that makes it suitable for presentation in a court of law, OUTA will contemplate turning to the Constitutional Court when convinced that it would be meaningful to do so,” added the organisation.

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