OR Tambo Heist: Twitter Memes Turn The Robbery Into Many Things Including A Movie


OR Tambo Heist: It was like a scene pulled out of a Hollywood action movie earlier this week when Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport was hit by another gutsy heist.

The incident which took place on Tuesday evening, saw a gang of at least eight robbers in a marked police van and two high-powered vehicles‚ wearing police uniforms drive up to a South African Airways flight‚ attack guards from GuardForce and intercepted a container holding a large sum of money which was about to be loaded onto an aircraft. The aircraft was bound for London.

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While the OR Tambo heist isn’t a laughing matter, Twitter thinks its funny and has the potential to be turned into a movie.

More importantly, since the news broke, South Africans have been asking questions about the heist on social media. Considering the amount that was involved in the robbery, South Africans thought it would be nice to know who the money belonged to and why the money was being loaded in an airplane. This apparently means it was being moved out of the country and if so, then where was it going to?

On a lighter mood, following the initial shock of the incident, users have flooded the social media platform with side-splitting memes and comments.

Subsequently, Twitter detectives have swung into action to investigate the crime and make sure the culprits are brought to book.

If previous incidents are anything to go by, they never emerge empty-ended. And presently, they already found suspects and one of the names that popped up during investigations was Maps Maponyane.

Maps became a suspect in the crime after tweeting  that he had a big night ahead on the day of the heist and later tweeted to thank tweeps who had wished him luck. This means his mission was a success.

While he was not tweeting about the heist  at the time, Twitter detectives put his tweet and the timing of the heist together. And there, they have their number one suspect.

The TV star played along and laughed off Twitter detectives insinuations that he had a hand in the OR Tambo heist. He even asked his followers how much money they wanted from the millions he allegedly took.