Operation Clean-Sweep Joburg: Herman Mashaba Sacks City Power Board


Remaining true to his words of transforming SA’s economic hurb, setting it free from corruption, Mayor Herman Mashaba has finally sacked the city power board members, including chairperson Frank Chikane.

Mashaba, through his operation clean-sweep the city’s utilities on Thursday, removed and replaced most non-executive directors, bringing in a new leadership corps with a mandate to wind down the companies. This move included the city power board.

The mayor had, prior to this time, sought legal advice on how to deal with the board, which according to him, has failed to suspend City Power’s managing director Sicelo Xulu.

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The mayor, at that time, told news media, that he wants to hold the city power board accountable after it refused to suspend Xulu for alleged corruption involving the city’s R1 billion smart electricity meter tender.

The board argued that Xulu has already been cleared of any wrongdoing but Mashaba said another investigation was launched after new information emerged that there was something wrong with the tender.

“The Mayor has made a number of comments with regards to serious allegations of corruption within City Power, he’s also instituted a forensic investigation into tenders valued at R2.8 billion. This is an enormous amount of money which is public money and it does not belong to the city nor the Mayor. When there are serious allegations brought forward, it is essential that the Mayor acts firmly,” said  Mayoral spokesperson Tony Taverna-Turisan.

Meanwhile, Chikane confirmed during the City of Joburg’s annual general meeting of the city’s entities that himself and the entire board have been officially sacked.

Mashaba had promised as part of his election platform, that he would reincorporate the service delivery entities, which exist as stand-alone companies, back into the city’s structure.

These include City Power, Johannesburg Water, Pikitup, the Johannesburg Property Company and the Johannesburg Roads Agency, among others.

Among the changes made by the mayor on Thursday, was the replacement of the entire board of City Power, previously chaired by Rev Frank Chikane. The new chair will be Lael Bethlehem, an economic-development specialist in the city. Mashaba has also drafted in DA old-hand Douglas Gibson, a former an MP.

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Eyewitness News Report says that the new administration and shareholders have decided not to renew the board’s term.

They have been instructed to hand over a report to the new board detailing operations that have been done at City power thus far, what has been done, what hasn’t been done, including legal matters that are currently underway, the report read.

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