Once Again We’re All Reminded Of How Special South Africa Is


Forget the crimes, corruptions, unemployment, poverty, and the loads of other problems. South Africa is a great country. Almost everyone on earth wants to visit South Africa. They all want to take snapshots at Table mountain, they want to be intoxicated by our wines, they love our wild life parks, they cherish the sandy shores of our beaches, they all have strong affections for our museums, they love our country, and all want to tour South Africa to take a taste of our beautiful country. As you’ll get to see for yourself, South Africa is the adventure Capital of Earth with remarkable, striking and heart warming occurrences you’re guaranteed to never experience or encounter anywhere else. Other than all that, the happenings are completely exclusive to South Africa.

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1. Lions Gets To Hitchhike In SA

Lion-on-the-back-of-a-pick-up-truck (1)

What would you do if you’re in that truck? Scream? Drive off at high-speed? Jump out and run? Or pretend you’re dead and hope it left? You’ll probably act irrational unlike the two passengers in the truck who did not move while the lion was in the back of the truck.” Nevertheless, if you’ve ever dreamt of driving around with a lion?  your only chance to witness that dream is in South Africa.

Lion-on-the-back-of-a-pick-up-truck 2

The lion was obviously enjoying the ride since it took him about five minutes to checkout all angles of the truck and decide he could be friends with occupants after all.


And he’s done inspecting…what a huge relief!

2. Yes! You’ll Probably Get to Fight A Shark In SA

Where else have you seen a live fight between a man and a shark? Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark during a competition off the coast of South Africa. He escaped unharmed after he battled the shark for a few seconds. Fanning said “I just can’t believe it…To walk away from that, I’m just so stoked.” I told you, such unbelievable events happen only in South Africa.

3. You’ll Even Meet Angry Elephants

Ever imagined the reaction of a pissed off elephant? Take a look at the video below for a better understanding

Johann Lombard, the professional safari guide who filmed the video footage above reported that neither the elephant or anyone in the vehicle was harmed.

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4. You’ll Learn Hunting From The Masters

lion hunt

Nicole Meiring who filmed this video below narrated that this event is “one of those one in 1 million sightings and we feel very privileged to have witnessed it. And yes, the lady behind the camera shed a few tears while the Kudu offered up its life. Nature is awesome and sad at the same time.”

5. And Also Learn How To Run For Your Dear Life

Step 1: Take a very high leap


Step 2: Soar upward… the higher, the better


Step 3: Then make a gradual descend when you’ve established a huge distance between you and your pursuer


Arno Pietersen narrated that he came across six kudu crossing the road while he was driving down the H3 road near Kwagga Pan in the Kruger National Park. The last and smallest African antelope approached the road when a francolin called and startled the kudu which “ran towards the road and leaped across the road in an amazing display of agility”. Thereby introducing the handy and basic three steps to use whenever you’re required to “flee and stay alive” as illustrated above.

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