“Office Of The Public Protector Will Not Collapse Without Madonsela” – Malunga


The Public Protector’s deputy Kevin Malunga said on Friday that the office of the public protector is not going to collapse and will still stand strong and perform well without Thuli Madonsela.

Kevin Malunga who is an advocate, was addressing the National Anti-Corruption Symposium at the Durban University of Technology’s Ritson Campus on Friday.

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Thuli Madonsela’s term as public protector will come to an end in October this year. While the search for an eligible replacement is already underway, there is a rumour spreading about how hard, if not impossible, it will be to wear her big shoes.

Malunga said;

All these prophets of doom who say she is going and it (the office) is going to collapse and it is going to become corrupt… that is nonsense.

Malunga’s speech was focused on the role of the public protector under the office of the public protector in South Africa.

This is an institution that has been doing its work with an arsenal of investigators. These are people who are principled and who know what they are doing.

He called on South Africans to eliminate their fears of possible collapse of the office of the public protector, pointing out that a foundation has already been laid and what is left is to follow the footprints that will lead the nation into a great future.

To the people of South Africa, there is certainly nothing to be afraid of as we go into the future because the foundations are strong and government now knows what to do.

The courts have also made it clear, especially the Supreme Courts of Appeal.

Public Protector Madonsela’s speech in Pietermaritzburg this week revealed that her tenure will soon come to an end as she has served almost seven years in the non-renewable position. She also said she planned to take a sabbatical to enable her join the civil society and reflect more on life.

Malunga made it clear that no single entity owned the Office of the Public Protector and urged the civil society to work with the office to help fight crime, corruption and lack of accountability in the country.

This is a partnership and a relay. We all work hard but let’s say that the National Prosecuting Authority decides to fall asleep then what?

Asset Forfeiture getting back those ill-gotten gains and prosecuting people is not going as well as it should. Advocacy groups should make sure that our remedial action and findings are adhered to and the skelms are prosecuted…

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When Parliament makes the call for applications in April or thereabouts, Corruption Watch will inform the public about the prospective candidates and questions for those who applied for the post will be sent by the public after which nominees will be shortlisted and subjected to public interviews.

The members of the parliament will then vote in the National Assembly on a recommended candidate, who must get 60% of parliamentarians’ votes. The president will then make the final appointment based on the choice of members of the parliament.

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