Nzimande’s Removal: Two Reasons Everyone Should Celebrate – EFF


To a larger extent, Nzimande’s removal as the Minister of Higher Education has been received with huge contempt for President Jacob Zuma.

It’s believed that Nzimande’s removal was Zuma’s way of shutting-up all those speaking up against the corruption that has characterised his leadership.

Like the Democratic Alliance party said, Nzimande’s removal has nothing to do with effecting good governance. The party said it’s obvious the President is getting rid of his critics and handing out promotions in order to gather support ahead of the ANC’s elective conference coming up in December this year.

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“Blade’s axing has also provided the pretext for yet another reshuffling of Zuma sycophants, none more pliant than new Minister of Energy, David Mahlobo. This smacks of an attempt to reignite the ANC’s efforts to chain our country to a multibillion-rand nuclear deal with the Russians” added the DA.

Nonetheless, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has urged everyone to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. To the Fighters, Nzimande’s removal as Higher Education Minister is good for two reasons: 

1. Nzimande Now Have Enough Time To Campaign Against Zuma Family 

First, the Fighters rejected the reshuffling of the national executive which came with Nzimande’s dismissal because “it does not include the criminal suspect, Jacob Zuma.” 

However, EFF welcomed Blade Nzimande’s removal saying: 

“Now he will have all the necessary time to go to the ground and campaign for the removal of the Zuma family in the ANC December conference.”

2. Like All Communist, Nzimande Was Consistent With Incompetence

EFF also expressed that Zuma did everyone a favour when he decided to fire Blade. According to the party, there was a big expectation on Blade’s appointment as a communist into the cabinet.

“But like all communist appointments, Nzimande was consistent with incompetence and compliance with bourgeois agendas,” asserted the party. 

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Disregarding the foregoing, EFF agreed with that DA. “The cabinet reshuffle is a clear consolidation of the state of capture for the nuclear procurement deal.

“It is also used to settle political scores and consolidate factional power for the ANC December conference which will be the ultimate demise of the ANC as a whole,” EFF added.