Get Your Hands Off Political Organisation, Its For The People – Nzimande Tells Politicians


Education and Training Minister and South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary, Blade Nzimande has called on political leaders to get their holds off political organizations because it belongs to ordinary South Africans.

Addressing the Young Communist League (YCL) at its national council in Soweto at the weekend, the SACP Sec-Gen drew concern on how political institutions are being hijacked by self-centered politicians who are only willing to enrich their own pockets.

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He reminded those who enter politics for the wrong reasons that political organisations do not belong to the leaders but to the people.

“Organisations do not belong to people in prime leadership positions. I don’t own the SACP, I am serving the South African Communist Party,” Nzimande said

Speaking further on the political state of the country, Blade said too many people are entering politics to enrich themselves, hence councilor positions are hotly contested and sought after.

He lashed out at the ruling ANC for blaming others for their failure to retain popularity in the past local elections. He said the local election results served as a reminder that people can no longer be mobilized on basis of the past.

To those he claimed are fighting tooth and nail to end his tenure using factions in the Fees Must Fall movement, the minister said he’s not afraid of losing his ministerial job if it means he cannot air his concerns about the current political climate.

“If comrades will say that I no longer deserve to be minister of higher education and training, this is not a job for me, I’m safe with my country. They must go to the relevant people who must make the relevant decisions, don’t destroy our universities,” he said.

The SACP leader says while the ANC has done a lot for the country, the political dynamics post the local government election results, have shifted.

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He, therefore, called on government to focus more on the young people. “We have to mobilize on the basis of what people want now because many of them don’t care who was an MK or who was in prison,” he added.