Nyaope Bluetooth Trend: A Massive Spread Of HIV, Hepatitis B & C Has Befallen SA


In the spirit of getting high, South African drug addicts have engendered Nyaope Bluetooth trend. And, the threat of a massive spread of HIV, Hepatitis B and C have fallen upon the country.

A Time Lives report with a video which demonstrated how nyaope addicts inject the blood of a fellow user into their body has the Democratic Alliance (DA) party asking for a debate in the National Assembly on the disturbing proliferation of the use of Nyaope; especially, the blood sharing style known as “Nyaope Bluetooth”.

Already, the national department of health has expressed that the Nyaope Bluetooth trend would send the rate of HIV transmission up high.

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Joe Maila, spokesperson of the department said: “this creates a huge problem because there are different blood groupings as well‚ which might create other health complications.

“We need to educate people about the dangers of sharing blood, as a society. We need to talk about this everywhere society gathers. We as a department are very worried about this trend‚” he said.

Similarly, the South African Medical Association lamented that the Nyaope Bluetooth trend has assured the spread of infections.

Mark Sonderup, the vice-chairman of the association divulged that the prevalence of HIV, hepatitis B and C, is extremely high among addicts injecting themselves with other addicts’ blood.

“The prevalence of hepatitis B is incredibly high. It is approaching in excess of 80% and it is not surprising with these kind of practices. When you share needles‚ injecting drugs‚ you increase the risk. When you actually draw blood and inject it‚ you guarantee the infection,” added Sonderup.

Also, the vice-chairman revealed that the Medical Association is evaluating the magnitude of the problem across the country.

Sonderup urged South Africans to not be pissed at the addicts saying: “people do not want to be sitting on the streets injecting drugs. It is an addiction. We have marginalized this group in our society.”

Asserting that the Nyaope Bluetooth method where Nyaope users inject themselves with the blood of another user who is high so that they can also get high is uncool, DA upheld that South Africans addicted to Nyaope need government’s help and support to overcome the life-threatening practice.

“Drug abuse steals our children’s future, tears our families apart, hold communities across South Africa hostage and is linked to our country’s high unemployment rate and the lack of hope that so many young South Africans experience…

That is precisely why the DA has consistently called on Police Minister, Nathi Nhleko, to hasten the reintroduction of specialist drug and gang units after they were previously shut down by SAPS.

Without these units, effective strategies that can reduce the production and disrupt the distribution of illegal drugs will not come to fruition,” stated the DA.

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The party bragged that it has successfully introduced drug units in the City of Cape Town which recorded progress in busting dealers and disrupting drug-supply chains.

Adding that more needs to be done, the party called on the South African Police Service (SAPS) to put forward more effective strategies and fight drug dealers.

More-so, the party expressed that it hopes a debate in parliament will contribute to finding swift solutions for the Nyaope Bluetooth crisis; and ensure the Minister of Police and the SAPS are held accountable for their lackluster action in tackling Nyaope.

“This is precisely what Parliament should be doing on a daily basis. Drug addiction does not discriminate, it grabs hold of South Africans no matter their race, class, age or creed. It is not enough to simply show concern, but we must also act,” the party championed.

Check out the video footage demonstrating how nyaope addicts inject themselves with the blood of fellow users.

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